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Our infrastructure construction specialist area is home to over 30 companies. These companies are involved in the planning, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure as well as in the manufacture of products needed for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure. The companies in the infrastructure construction specialist area are responsible for:

  • Project planning of railway infrastructure construction, upgrading and renovation. Companies in our infrastructure construction specialist area cover the whole spectrum of planning – from railway stations and the track network to tunnels and bridges.
  • From surveying to certifications: engineering solutions and consulting services in a wide variety of infrastructure construction projects.
  • Construction, maintenance and renovation of track infrastructure, station infrastructure and electrical installations
  • Manufacture of railway infrastructure products; from overhead line supports to cable solutions, from earthing contacts to track damping elements

Some of the flagship projects that companies from our infrastructure construction specialist area have worked on include: the Gotthard base tunnel, the Lötschberg base tunnel, the new Zurich through station, the Furka tunnel renovation, the modernisation of Lausanne station, and many more.

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Phoenix Contact AG

Erfolgreich in der Anwendung

Tagtäglich bewähren sich unsere Produkte vor allem in folgenden Bereichen:

Phoenix Contact AG

Vielfältige Produkte

Über 60.000 Produkten

Arthur Flury AG

Railway technology

Conical couplings and collar sockets Catenary suspension Clamps / Turnbuckles Material for safety and earthing Section insulators Neutral sections/phase breaks Insulators Accessories for ins...

Rauscher & Stoecklin AG

Railway electrification

With a wide range of railway switches, we are able to provide customers with the right solution.

Rauscher & Stoecklin AG


Wir gehören zu den führenden Herstellern auf dem Gebiet der ölgefüllten Verteiltransformatoren.


Rail contact clamps

Why KAGO contact clamps? Let’s take a look at the electrical power circuit in railway networks. Current flows from the substation to the locomotive, then via the rails back to the substation. But ...


Grounding fittings and cables

- Contact strip for electrical rail connections - Double plug strip for electrical rail connections - Grounding set for construction equipment - Mast clamps - Grounding fittings - Cables - We...


Cable fastenings to rails and sleepers

- Cable fastenings to rails and sleepers - Cable clips and fittings - Special sleeper screws without spreading pressure - Screws with predetermined breaking point


Rail Attachment Boxes and covers for ETCS balises

- Rail Attachment Box for electrical rail connections - Accessories for KAGO Rail Attachment Box - Non-metallic covers for ETCS balises capable of bearing lorries - Rail Attachment Box for axle ...


Catenary and insulation Products

- KAGO high-voltage resistant insulation slabs - Photos high-voltage resistant insulation slabs - Electric shock protection - Bird protection profiles - Installation tools for bird protect...


Machine park

All our machines are equipped with full lighting for night and tunnel work. They are also available on hire.


Staff hire

We offer f.e.: – Sicherheitswärter – Sicherheitschef – Berechtigter Schalten + Erden – Chefmonteur S+E – Fahrleitungsmonteur – Mitarbeiter mit VTE10-Berechtigung – Mitarbeiter mit Berechtigu...


Sandblasting and Coating

Our specialties are: 1. only sandblasting 2. sandblasting & spray galvanizing 3. sandblasting & zinc dust priming

Micronor AG


Splicer and Cleaver from FiberFox. The Splicer are known for it low loss performance.

Micronor AG

Rotary limit switches

Rotary limit switches are electromechanical controls consisting of an input shaft, gear reducer, signal transmitter and limit or safety switches.

Micronor AG

Fiber Optic Absolute Encoder

100% Passive Fiber Optic Absolute Position Sensor System to control position in presence of strong electromagnetic fields.

Micronor AG

Multi-Axis Fiber Optic Accelerometer System

Accelerometer for vibration and acceleration measurements

ABB Schweiz AG

Electrification Monitoring and Control

ABB Ability - Unlocking digitalization and integration in electrification process

ABB Schweiz AG

Digital Substation Products and Solutions

ABB delivers a full range of genuine IEC 61850 protection and control products also including network automation.

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