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Our infrastructure construction specialist area is home to over 30 companies. These companies are involved in the planning, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure as well as in the manufacture of products needed for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure. The companies in the infrastructure construction specialist area are responsible for:

  • Project planning of railway infrastructure construction, upgrading and renovation. Companies in our infrastructure construction specialist area cover the whole spectrum of planning – from railway stations and the track network to tunnels and bridges.
  • From surveying to certifications: engineering solutions and consulting services in a wide variety of infrastructure construction projects.
  • Construction, maintenance and renovation of track infrastructure, station infrastructure and electrical installations
  • Manufacture of railway infrastructure products; from overhead line supports to cable solutions, from earthing contacts to track damping elements

Some of the flagship projects that companies from our infrastructure construction specialist area have worked on include: the Gotthard base tunnel, the Lötschberg base tunnel, the new Zurich through station, the Furka tunnel renovation, the modernisation of Lausanne station, and many more.

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Furrer+Frey AG

Overhead contact line systems; OLE Design; Overhead Contact Line Construction; Railway control systems; Bus and rail charging stations

Development, project planning and planning, design, construction and maintenance of overhead contact line systems for local and long-distance railways, mountain railways, light railways and suburba...

Kummler+Matter AG

KUSEC Section insulator 3 and 1.5 kV DC

Up to four times longer service life, confirmed in tests, non-abraded insulators for significantly longer maintenance intervals

Kummler+Matter AG

KUSEC Section insulator 25 and 15 kV AC

Up to four times longer service life, confirmed in tests, non-abraded insulators for significantly longer maintenance intervals, ...

Kummler+Matter AG

KUPRO De-icing system

The compact de-icing system from Kumler+Matter proactively protects contact wires against icing and carries them through the winter without interrupting operations.

MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A.

Tamping machine

Endowed with exceptional performance, the MATISA range of tamping machines has been seducing the most demanding rail networks and contractors for many years. The precision and geometry correction c...

MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A.

Transport wagons

Turnout wagons are widely used to replace turnouts in an industrialised way. They enable the delivery of turnouts, pre-assembled and factory-tested, by rail transport directly to the construction s...

MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A.

Ballast cleaner

The ballast cleaning and screening machines offer a simple, compact, fast and efficient concept for ballast treatment on a renewal site. The process consists of several steps: removal of ballast by...

MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A.

Ballast regulators

Highly efficient ballast regulator that can be used both on line and branch construction sites. All our ballast levelers can be used with a single operator. The large cab offers excellent visibilit...

MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A.

Track renewal train

MATISA renewal trains are renowned worldwide for their reliability, quality of work and speed of engagement and clearance when it comes to renewing rail and sleepers.

MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A.

Track auscultation vehicles

The track inspection vehicle is a light, robust vehicle with excellent dynamic behaviour and a high level of comfort in the cab. This vehicle is particularly suitable for the economical inspection ...

TBF + Partner AG

Betriebsleitsysteme und Bahnsicherungstechnik

Beratung, Bauherrenunterstützung, Planung, Projektierung, Bauleitung und Expertisen von Vollbahnen, Nahverkehr im In- und Ausland.

ComatReleco AG

Monitoring Relay MRx

The MRx line includes monitoring devices for single and threephase loads. MRx can supervise current, voltage, apparent power, active power, frequency and cosPhi as well as ΔPhi (phase sequence) in...

ComatReleco AG

Time Relays

The timers of the new CIM series are compact, and multifunctional timer relays with totally 18-time functions and a wide power supply range from 24 to 240 V AC/DC. All the three basic types are av...

ComatReleco AG


Our range includes 1 to 4 poles mechanical relays, 1 poles interface relays (mechanical or solid state). Additional monitoring or time modules are available to increase the functionality of the rel...

ComatReleco AG

Contactors - High power switching at reduced space

Our standard contactors are capable of switching 4 A at 110 V DC (DC-5). This is achieved with a built-in blow magnet into a 2-poles contactor with a compact width of only 17.5 mm. ComatReleco als...

Arsenal Railway Certification Schweiz AG


TSI assessment and certification as notified body (NoBo).

Arsenal Railway Certification Schweiz AG


Assessment and certification of the fulfilment of the NNTR as designated body (DeBo) for Switzerland and Austria.

Arsenal Railway Certification Schweiz AG

Risk assessment

Assessment of the Risk mananagement process in the course of significant changes as Risk Assessment Body (AsBo).

Arsenal Railway Certification Schweiz AG

Independent Safety Assessment (ISA)

Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) for the assessment of safety relevant hardware and software.

Arsenal Railway Certification Schweiz AG

Authorized Expert

Assessment of projects with particular safety relevance as authorized expert (SV) in Switzerland.

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