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Our infrastructure construction specialist area is home to over 30 companies. These companies are involved in the planning, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure as well as in the manufacture of products needed for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure. The companies in the infrastructure construction specialist area are responsible for:

  • Project planning of railway infrastructure construction, upgrading and renovation. Companies in our infrastructure construction specialist area cover the whole spectrum of planning – from railway stations and the track network to tunnels and bridges.
  • From surveying to certifications: engineering solutions and consulting services in a wide variety of infrastructure construction projects.
  • Construction, maintenance and renovation of track infrastructure, station infrastructure and electrical installations
  • Manufacture of railway infrastructure products; from overhead line supports to cable solutions, from earthing contacts to track damping elements

Some of the flagship projects that companies from our infrastructure construction specialist area have worked on include: the Gotthard base tunnel, the Lötschberg base tunnel, the new Zurich through station, the Furka tunnel renovation, the modernisation of Lausanne station, and many more.

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Trelco AG

Infrastruktur und Fahrzeugkomponenten

Vertretung von namhaften Herstellern aus der Bahnindustrie.

Swibox AG


Gehäuse für den Outdoorbereich unterliegen erheblichen Belastungen. Nicht nur Wasser in Form von Regen oder Schnee, auch Sturm und die natürliche UV Strahlung können dazu führen, dass die im Innere...

Swibox AG

Plastic enclosures for the rolling stock according EN45545

swibox-RSE enclosures are the most resistant plastic standard enclosures and have been specially developed for use in industrial and outdoor areas.

Swibox AG

Aluminium terminal enclosures, Fire resistance EN 45545-3 EI30

Aluminium terminal enclosures are resistant aluminium standard enclosures and have been specially developed for use in industrial and outdoor areas. Water, dust, heat, cold or mechanical shocks -...

Swibox AG

Stainless steel enclosures Fire resistance EN45545-3 / EI30

stainless steel enclosures are resistant standard enclosures made of stainless steel and have been specially developed for use in industrial and outdoor applications. Water, dust, heat, cold, mec...

Stadler Signalling AG

Digital Twins

A digital twin is a detailed virtual copy of a vehicle fleet and processes vehicle data in real time.

Stadler Signalling AG

ATO and driver advisory systems

ATO stands for Automatic Train Operation und supports different applications for partial and full automation of operations.

Stadler Signalling AG

Collision warning system

Via high-quality object detection, the Stadler collision warning system ensures greater driving safety via up to three sensors (radar, camera and lidar).

Stadler Signalling AG


Regardless of whether they are used in public transit or in interlockings for shunting – whilst respecting the legal requirements we adapt signals to your individual needs.

Stadler Signalling AG

Level crossings

Level crossing protection systems protect individual traffic from collisions with rolling stock on level crossings.

Stadler Signalling AG

Shunting systems

Stadler offers innovative system solutions for orderly and safe interactions between humans and machinery on shunting yards and depots.

Stadler Signalling AG

Intermittent train protection

To monitor and secure railway traffic in areas with particular hazards.

Stadler Signalling AG

Communication based train protection

Automated operation of branchlines and light railways is possible with communication based train protection by Stadler.

Stadler Signalling AG

Train protection system – ETCS

The onboard system for higher operating speeds, interoperability, continued use of existing infrastructure as well as cost efficiency and guaranteeing safety.

Stadler Signalling AG

Passenger information systems

Our passenger information system is a modular solution that provides dynamic passenger information at bus and train platforms.

Stadler Signalling AG

Electronic interlocking – SIL 4

A scalabe electronic interlocking with multiple digital interfaces to adjacent systems that can be integrated in a widely diversified system landscape with a focus on interoperability.

Stadler Signalling AG

Relay interlocking

We have substantial experience in project development of relay interlockings (Domino).

Stadler Signalling AG

Electronic interlockings with remote control

Electronic interlockings protect and monitor the entire operation of branchlines, streetcar systems, light railways and depots.

Stadler Signalling AG

Automated operation – CBTC

Automated operation with metro trains (up to driverless) is possible with the CBTC system by Stadler. With CBTC, operators can achieve shorter headways, faster travel times, greater reliability, lo...

Stadler Signalling AG


We plan the migration process in detail with highest priority for maintaining safety standards and continuous operations.

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