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Safety & Automation

Rail transport in Switzerland enjoys a good reputation thanks to its punctuality and safety. The steady and carefully coordinated expansion of our rail network is seen as a model of success for the rest of the world. The following innovative products and services supplied by well-known Swiss companies ensure that our rail services maintain their appeal and excellent safety record now and in the future:

  • Operations control systems facilitate the flexible and efficient flow of rail traffic
  • Rail safety technology regulates and controls the entire train traffic management process
  • Passenger information systems provide passengers with clear, real-time service status information
  • Ticket sales systems with easy-to-use solutions make for stress-free travel

Our Safety and Control Technology product group offers a specialist platform for Swiss companies operating in these business fields. Membership provides access to specialist knowledge sharing and enables the representation of common interests.

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Reprofilierung von Radsätzen mittels einer Hegenscheidt- MFD Tandem Unterflurradsatzdrehbank.


Full Service

Betriebsnahe und schwere Instandhaltung vom Schienenfahrzeugen aller Art

Selectron Systems AG


Invisible to the eye from the outside, train bus couplers, switches and converters perform indispensable functions in the safe operation of modern rail vehicles. The industry is currently in the mi...

Siemens Mobility AG

Customer Service

Your service requirements are as individual as your business. That's exactly what we are geared to. With our Railcover® service contracts, we put together the service package that suits you from a ...

Siemens Mobility AG

Rail Infrastructure

Products and solutions for rail automation and electrification

Siemens Mobility AG

Rolling Stock

Developing vehicles for metro systems, for trams, light rail and commuter trains, for local and regional trains, passenger coaches as well as intercity and high-speed trains and locomotives.

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Managed Cyber Defense

Cybersicherheit: Solides Fundament für das Unternehmenswachstum

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Hyperautomation – stärkt Ihr Business

Geschäftsorientierte Automatisierung beschleunigt komplexe IT-Prozesse und stärkt Ihre Digitalisierungsstrategie

T-Systems Schweiz AG

AI Solution Factory

Mit der AI Solution Factory von T-Systems Fehlerquoten senken und Geschäftsprozesse auf intelligente Weise automatisieren

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Smart Transport Suite

intelligent, komplett und bedarfsgerecht

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Telekom Data Intelligence Hub

Erlangen Sie Datenhoheit mit dem Data Intelligence Hub: Daten austauschen, verarbeiten und analysieren – zu Ihren Bedingungen und unter Wahrung Ihrer Datenhoheit

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Sovereign Cloud

Wie schöpfen Sie die Cloud-Potenziale für die Digitalisierung aus?

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Telekom Data Science Platform

Managed Cloud Service auf Basis von Open-Source-Tools wie Kubeflow und Jupyter plus unternehmensfähiger Sicherheit und EU-basiertem Support

Trelco AG

Infrastruktur und Fahrzeugkomponenten

Vertretung von namhaften Herstellern aus der Bahnindustrie.

Stadler Signalling AG

Digital Twins

A digital twin is a detailed virtual copy of a vehicle fleet and processes vehicle data in real time.

Stadler Signalling AG

ATO and driver advisory systems

ATO stands for Automatic Train Operation und supports different applications for partial and full automation of operations.

Stadler Signalling AG

Collision warning system

Via high-quality object detection, the Stadler collision warning system ensures greater driving safety via up to three sensors (radar, camera and lidar).

Stadler Signalling AG


Regardless of whether they are used in public transit or in interlockings for shunting – whilst respecting the legal requirements we adapt signals to your individual needs.

Stadler Signalling AG

Level crossings

Level crossing protection systems protect individual traffic from collisions with rolling stock on level crossings.

Stadler Signalling AG

Shunting systems

Stadler offers innovative system solutions for orderly and safe interactions between humans and machinery on shunting yards and depots.

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