Swissrail Industry Association

Swissrail is the association of the Swiss railway industry. It has a membership of over 130 members. Our members produce vehicles and components, build railway infrastructure and provide services for all forms of track-bound transport.

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Our members’ specialist areas

Railway products from A to Z

The Swiss railway industry has a solution for almost everything needed to run the railways. Take a closer look at the diverse world of Swiss railway industry companies!

Our members’ specialist areas

The railway industry in Switzerland

Number of people employed

92,600 full-time jobs

There are a total of 92,600 full-time equivalent jobs in the Swiss public transport sector, keeping around 100,000 people in employment.

Added value

CHF 13 billion

A study commissioned by LITRA and Swissrail showed that public transportations generate added value of over CHF 13 billion and investments averaging CHF 5.3 billion annually.

The Swiss rail network

5,196 km

The rail network in Switzerland is 5,196 km long, making it one of the densest in the world relative to its area of 41,285 km².


21,737 billion

Switzerland and Japan lead the world for the most passenger-kilometres travelled annually by rail. On average, each person in Switzerland travels 2507 km by train per year.

What we do for our members and the rail industry

Swissrail represents the interests of its members at home and abroad and promotes the industry's image to political decision-makers and the public.

We are also the point of contact for other organisations, institutions and authorities on matters related to the Swiss rail industry.

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