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The members of Swissrail offer solutions for virtually everything needed for the operation of railways. Take a look at the diverse world of the (railway) industry!

Selectron Systems AG


What the central nervous system does for humans, the TCMS does for rail vehicles and trains. This stands for Train Control & Management System - like a large control center, it monitors and connect...

InfraTech AG


Unsere Teams ziehen und verlegen Art Kabel neben den Gleisen, auf Strassen oder in den Bergen. Geballte Power mit Know How

InfraTech AG


Wir erstellen Selbstrettungsmassnahmen von A-Z


Displays and Visualisation Solutions

A rail vehicle’s display solutions are how the driver interacts with the vehicle and, therefore, play a crucial role in reliable, safe operation.



HaslerRail has been supplying speed indicators and data recording systems to the rail industry since 1887. Today, HaslerRail’s optical and contact-free CORRail®1000 speed sensor is unparalleled in ...


Pulse Generators

HaslerRail’s Optical Pulse Generators are just one example of the speed acquistion and data recording systems we have been supplying to the rail industry since 1887. Today, tens of thousands of our...


Data / Event Recorders – Juridical Recording Units (JRU)

Event recorders are vital to analyzing the causes of an accident. HaslerRail has been manufacturing speed indicators and data recording systems since 1887. Today, tens of thousands of our devices a...

AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Electrical safety


AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Residual current circuit breaker

Safe in any case.

AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Circuit breaker

Protection for every case.

AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Residual current circuit breaker/line circuit breaker

Protection for every case.

AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Safemaster STS key transfer

Electromechanical safety switch.

AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Cable markings

Thermal transfer printing system.

AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Isolation switch

Protective device against unexpected start-up.

AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Cam switches & disconnectors

Our specialisation is in switchgear technology.

AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Emergency Lighting

What should be taken for granted in everyday life counts all the more in an emergency: reliability and dependability.

Molinari Rail AG

Conversion of ÖBB Passenger Coaches to Couchette Coaches

Molinari Rail is converting existing ÖBB passenger coaches into modern multi-function couchette coaches as part of the expansion of the Nightjet fleet.

TÜV SÜD Schweiz AG

Independent Verification and Validation for Railway

Due to their growing complexity, it is more and more challenging to both accurately analyse and ensure a railway project’s overall safety and deliver the project in line with international railway ...

TÜV SÜD Schweiz AG

Functional Safety in the Rail Industry

Functional safety ensures that safety risks due to hazards caused by the mal-functional behaviour of systems are reduced to an acceptable level. These safety risks are increasing in the rail indust...

TÜV SÜD Schweiz AG

Training EN 5012X and 50159 for the Rail Sector

With more than 50 years of experience in railway, metro and light rail transport, as well as Functional safety, TÜV SÜD has in-depth expert know-how in order to train your employees in all essentia...

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