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The members of Swissrail offer solutions for virtually everything needed for the operation of railways. Take a look at the diverse world of the (railway) industry!

MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A.

Transport wagons

Turnout wagons are widely used to replace turnouts in an industrialised way. They enable the delivery of turnouts, pre-assembled and factory-tested, by rail transport directly to the construction s...

Otto Schoch AG

Rail contact system

Four advantages in favour of our rail contact system: - Quicker and easier installation, possible during scheduled rail operations and regardless of weather - Reliable and durable contacting than...

Telma AG

Control tevilux®

Multi-coloured signalling for tough conditions.

Comax Industrielle Signaltechnik AG

Signal Bell WGS 1/2

Fast stroke signalling bell, IP55, ø150mm

Lantal Textiles AG

Test laboratory EN 45545-2

Lantal's in-house laboratory in Langenthal is officially authorized to perform fire tests with materials and components used in rail vehicle interiors.

ComatReleco AG

Time Relays

The timers of the new CIM series are compact, and multifunctional timer relays with totally 18-time functions and a wide power supply range from 24 to 240 V AC/DC. All the three basic types are av...

KPZ Fahrbahn AG


Die Experten des Kompetenzzentrums Fahrbahn beraten und unterstützen Sie bei allen Fragestellungen zu Anschlussgleisen. Auch bei Fragen zu Verladerampen und Umschlagsanlagen stehen Ihnen unsere Exp...

Arsenal Railway Certification Schweiz AG


Assessment and certification of the fulfilment of the NNTR as designated body (DeBo) for Switzerland and Austria.

ErvoCom AG

Train Radio Systems

The Train Radio System TRS2090 is a digital train radio system based on different radio technologies, which sets a new standard in the modern Railway communications industry. The comprehensive trai...

HARTING Technologiegruppe

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Mit den unmanaged Ethernet Switches der Ha-VIS eCon Serie stehen Modelle mit RJ45- und Lichtwellenleiter-Ports für den effizienten Auf- und Ausbau Ihres Ethernet-Netzwerks zur Verfügung.

TBF + Partner AG

Werkstätteneinrichtungen und Instandhaltung

Beratung, Bauherrenunterstützung, Planung, Projektierung, Bauleitung und Expertisen von Vollbahnen, Bergbahnen, Nahverkehr und Depot- und Serviceanlagen, Unterwerke bahnnaher Anlagenbau im In- und ...

Sefag Components AG

Expansion connectors

Expansion connectors are flexible connecting elements for power transmission that can also withstand powerful physical forces, meaning they also guarantee a reliable electric connection in difficul...

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG

Center Break Disconnector CBD

The reliable all-rounder. Flexible in use, whether standing, hanging or vertically mounted, our Center Break Disconnector is adapted to your needs and can be equipped with a comprehensive set of ad...

3A Composites Mobility AG

COMFLOOR® Plus / heated floor

Heated composite sandwich floor for single deck, double deck, metro and LVR.

FBT Fahrzeug und Maschinenbau AG

Folding Ramp «TriFold»

Folding Ramp (Aluminium)

Phoenix Contact AG

Erfolgreich in der Anwendung

Tagtäglich bewähren sich unsere Produkte vor allem in folgenden Bereichen:

Stadler Signalling AG


In order to maximize efficiency on the existing infrastructure, Automatic Train Operation (ATO) from Stadler can be tailored to existing Automatic Train Protection systems, Control Centres and Rolli...

Schweizer Electronic AG

Vamos level crossing system

Affordable fail-safe system for efficient risk reduction at less frequented level crossings

Faserplast Composites AG

HL3 interior parts

Interior parts with painting for EN45545 HL3

Furka Reibbeläge AG

BREMSSYSTEME für sicheren Schienenverkehr

4-IN-1: Furka AG in Breitenbach hat ihre Produktpalette erneut erweitert. Durch eine bedeutende Erweiterung der Produktpalette und der Integration von Experten hat die Furka AG seit Anfang 2021 we...

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