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The members of Swissrail offer solutions for virtually everything needed for the operation of railways. Take a look at the diverse world of the (railway) industry!

Richard AG

Roof line isolator

A faulty complete system is immediately separated from the intact system by the roof line isolator.

Richard AG

Customised insulators

Insulators - also called electrical non-conductors - are made of material with a very high resistance, which means that only a very low current flows through the component.

Richard AG

Earthing switch

The earthing switch is used for the safety of drivers and workshop personnel during checks and faults in the traction units. It connects the live lines in front of and behind the main switch to ea...

Richard AG

Other countries, other voltages.

The overhead contact line in Switzerland has a voltage of 15 kilovolts and must switch the system when crossing the network, for example to Italy (3 kV).

Micronor AG


Splicer and Cleaver from FiberFox. The Splicer are known for it low loss performance.

Schweizer Electronic AG

LocControl100 RS

SIL3 radio remote control system for railway operations with high standards

Schweizer Electronic AG

Flex level crossing system

Innovative Level Crossing System of the highest quality with an excellent price-performance ratio

Micronor AG

Rotary limit switches

Rotary limit switches are electromechanical controls consisting of an input shaft, gear reducer, signal transmitter and limit or safety switches.

Micronor AG

Fiber Optic Absolute Encoder

100% Passive Fiber Optic Absolute Position Sensor System to control position in presence of strong electromagnetic fields.

Micronor AG

Multi-Axis Fiber Optic Accelerometer System

Accelerometer for vibration and acceleration measurements

ABB Schweiz AG

Electrification Monitoring and Control

ABB Ability - Unlocking digitalization and integration in electrification process

ABB Schweiz AG

Digital Substation Products and Solutions

ABB delivers a full range of genuine IEC 61850 protection and control products also including network automation.

Syslogic AG

AI Railway Computer RSL A3 (NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier)

EN50155 rolling stock computer (NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier) for perception applications like obstacle detection and signal recognition in railway vehicles.

Syslogic AG

Rolling Stock Computer RML-R 81

Rolling-stock/Transportation Computer mit Digital I/O – EN50155, OT4 und EN45545-2 zertifiziert

Syslogic AG

Embedded Railway Computer RSL 81

Robust Industrial PC with ApolloLake processor for in-vehicle use

Syslogic AG

AI Railway Computer RS A2 (NVIDIA Jetson TX2i)

EN50155 Railway/transportation computers based on the NVIDIA Jetson TX2i. For AI computing at the edge. For use in trams, locomotives, wagons and powerpacks.

Qnamic AG


We develop software solutions that can be adapted and accurately integrated utilizing unique parametrization and configuration processes to ensure that all the resources within your company are eff...

Qnamic AG


Based on many years of experience PlanOpt® enables you to plan and manage a multitude of production and work processes. Our credo is “efficiency through transparency.” Because along the entire plan...

Qnamic AG


The software for your railway company to support your planners and dispatchers. RailOpt® supports the company by providing accurate planning by engaging and applying dependencies between infrastruc...

Qnamic AG

RailOpt® WEB

In addition to the railway-specific RailOpt® for planners and dispatchers Qnamic AG provides a modern web application for communication purposes between personnel and planning unit.

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