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The members of Swissrail offer solutions for virtually everything needed for the operation of railways. Take a look at the diverse world of the (railway) industry!

IGRALUB AG für Schmiertechnik

Wheel-rail monitoring for predictive maintenance.

Despite growing awareness of predictive maintenance as a means of reducing cost and improving reliability in the rail industry, its use is still limited.

Enotrac AG

Fabel simulation software

Fabel was developed by Enotrac for the investigation, design and dimensioning of electrical traction power supplies. It includes several modules to cover different applications by means of simulati...

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Hyperautomation – stärkt Ihr Business

Geschäftsorientierte Automatisierung beschleunigt komplexe IT-Prozesse und stärkt Ihre Digitalisierungsstrategie

T-Systems Schweiz AG

AI Solution Factory

Mit der AI Solution Factory von T-Systems Fehlerquoten senken und Geschäftsprozesse auf intelligente Weise automatisieren

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Smart Transport Suite

intelligent, komplett und bedarfsgerecht

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Sovereign Cloud

Wie schöpfen Sie die Cloud-Potenziale für die Digitalisierung aus?

Selectron Systems AG


What the central nervous system does for humans, the TCMS does for rail vehicles and trains. This stands for Train Control & Management System - like a large control center, it monitors and connect...

ErvoCom AG

PIS Audio System PAN

The train borne Phone - & Announcement System PAN is a reliable digital announcement and communication solution for acoustic passenger information. State-of-the-art IP audio amplifiers with high-en...

AFRY Schweiz AG.


TRANSFORMING VITAL INFORMATION HIDDEN IN PLANT DATA INTO ASSETS Unlock hidden information with our engineering Data Analytics Platform AFRY e-DAP. AFRY e-DAP is a digital twin web platform p...

Parametric GmbH

Low Latency Video over Wireless Connections

- Perform initial latency measurements - Optimize codecs and provide computing infrastructure for local encoding or decoding/playback - Provide means to independently measure latencies and bandwi...

Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Schweiz AG

Dienstleistungen für Bremssysteme und On-board Systeme

Schulungen, Befähigung Bahnbetreiber, Dokumentation

Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Schweiz AG

Dienstleistungen für Bremssysteme und On-board Systeme

Modernisierungen, Engineering, On-train

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