WAGNER Rail Schweiz GmbH

Individual fire protection solutions from a single source

WAGNER Rail is more than 15 years successfully active in the field of fire protection solutions for trains. With its unique portfolio of approved products and system solutions WAGNER has become the worldwide leading provider of fire protection solutions for railway vehicles.

The portfolio comprises smoke detection systems, water mist fire fighting as well as gaseous or aerosol extinguishing systems.

Our system technology can either be implemented as a stand-alone system (with direct connection to the TCMS) or as an integrative system (along with a fire alarm control unit and software interface to the TCMS). The stand-alone solution fits perfectly for retrofit matters. The fire protection solution can easily be integrated into the existing system.

The first-class smoke detection system which is very fast, reliable and false-alarm-safe, as well as the innovative low pressure water mist technology already being installed in numerous prestige objects, including among others: Metro Newcastle, Metro Kuala Lumpur, Metro Shenyang, Stadtbahn Dortmund, ICE4 Deutsche Bahn, Thameslink, Transrapid Shanghai, Metro  Munich, ÖBB Railjet, Velaro D and Eurostar, Flirt East Anglia UK, Metro Glasgow, Indian Railways, Caltrain USA etc.

WAGNER Rail complies with all relevant standards and has all approvals such as TUV South, Rail System Approval and specific approvals for Italy and Russia (GOST).

Thanks to the global network of subsidiaries and local partners worldwide, WAGNER is always close to its customers.

Industriestrasse 44, 8304 Wallisellen

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WAGNER Rail Schweiz GmbH

Fire Detection

WAGNER Rail is a leader in fire detection and offers the right solution for all applications.

WAGNER Rail Schweiz GmbH

Extinguishing with gases or aerosols

For technical facilities, automatic gas extinguishing systems are used to quickly and reliably extinguish a fire or an incipient fire.

WAGNER Rail Schweiz GmbH

Fire fighting with water mist

The innovative WAGNER low-pressure technology reliably fights a fire with fine water mist.

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