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Fire fighting with water mist

The innovative WAGNER low-pressure technology reliably fights a fire with fine water mist.

Based on current national and international standards and guidelines as well as the requirements of the operators, automatic fire-fighting systems are increasingly being installed in addition to fire detection systems. In addition to early fire detection with aspirating smoke detectors and automatic smoke detectors, automatic fire fighting also plays an essential role.

The WAGNER water mist system produces the finest water mist at low system pressure due to the innovative two-phase flow. Smoke and fire development is limited and even small amounts of water bind large amounts of energy. Individually adapted water tanks allow space-saving utilisation of existing empty spaces.
The placement of the system is also individual - either on, under or in the train. Depending on the space available.

Typical areas of application are sleeping or couchette cars as well as passenger areas.

More about the water mist technology from WAGNER Rail.

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  • Fire-alarm systems
  • Firefighting materials
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