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Fire Detection

WAGNER Rail is a leader in fire detection and offers the right solution for all applications.

The earliest possible fire detection is of immense importance in rail transport for two reasons: on the one hand, the protection of people and thus possibly the earliest possible evacuation in the event of an emergency is of paramount importance; on the other hand, the resulting damage to the trains themselves should also be kept as low as possible.

In the early phase of a fire, the so-called pyrolysis phase, i.e. before open flames develop, even the smallest amounts of smoke particles are detected by a system for early fire detection. Monitoring for fire parameters such as smoke and temperature in the protected areas is ensured by a wide selection of automatic detectors. These can be air sampling smoke detectors, linear heat detectors, optical smoke detectors, temperature detectors or multi-sensor fire detectors. A large number of input and output modules are available for implementation, which can be integrated into the ring bus in combination with a fire detection control panel or can also be implemented as a stand-alone solution.

Especially when used in the passenger areas of trains, the selected detectors must have a high deceptive alarm security, so that, for example, an alarm is not triggered by cigarette smoke. The detection technology should also be particularly protected against vandalism.

- Conspicuously inconspicuous fire protection with TITANUS® Rail air sampling smoke detectors.
- Rail fire detection systems
- Smoke switch: Effectively protected with the multisensor switch 
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