Nencki AG

Nencki AG is a Swiss family-owned company with expertise in the manufacture of machines and plants, mainly made of steel, hydraulics and the associated control systems for the railway engineering, plant construction and vehicle construction sectors. 

We provide our services primarily ourselves through our own sales structures, development, production and after-sales service. We work in the most modern development environment and with the latest production equipment. Innovative products are created using the latest technologies. Our operating resources are optimally utilised through contract manufacturing for third parties.

Aarwangenstrasse 90, 4900 Langenthal

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Nencki AG

Bogie Test Stand NBT

More safety - less wear - optimised operating costs

Nencki AG

Spring Test Press NST

Every feather has its character

Nencki AG

Damper Test Press NDT

Remaining in use? Revision? Exchange?

Nencki AG

Nencki Bogie Drop NBD

Efficient and safe replacement and storage of bogies

Nencki AG

4-way straightening press NRS-4

4-way straightening press

Nencki AG

Torsion Test Stand NWW

Kill two birds with one stone: increased derailment safety - condition-based maintenance

Nencki AG

Rail Grinding Machine NRG

Rail Grinding Machine

Nencki AG

Welding shock test press NRT

The welds of the long rails are subjected to heavy loads when installed. Flawless long rails are required for safe railway operation

Nencki AG

Brushing machine NRB

Brushing machine

Nencki AG

Bogie pressure gauge NBP

A must for every modern and efficient workshop

Nencki AG

Nencki Rail Conveyor NRC

Nencki Rail Conveyor

Nencki AG

Mobile spring press NSP

A tool for every workshop

Nencki AG

Bogie assembly stand NBA

Ergonomic and efficient assembly / disassembly

  • Swissrail Industry Association
  • Taubenstrasse 32
  • CH-3011 Bern

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