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Torsion Test Stand NWW

Kill two birds with one stone: increased derailment safety - condition-based maintenance

Especially at the end of curves, in horizontal transition curves and with uneven track, the risk of derailment increases due to unfavourable ratios between the lateral and wheel contact forces. By simulating unevenness with the NWW torsion test bench, the system recreates unfavourable rail conditions, measures the force ratios and evaluates them. For this test method, the complete railway wagon, including the still mounted bogies, is lifted by the NWW torsion test bench by raising the wheel sets differently and a torsion is generated.

On the one hand, the railway wagon can be checked for its derailment safety before it is used again after maintenance or revision. On the other hand, in the sense of condition-based maintenance, the railway wagon can be systematically checked for derailment safety after a certain period of use or distance travelled. Depending on the result, costly dismantling and maintenance of the bogies is not necessary, which in turn reduces unnecessary downtimes, minimises maintenance costs and significantly increases the availability of the rolling stock.
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