KPZ Fahrbahn AG

Lösungen und Unterstützung bei allen Aufgabenstellungen rund um die Fahrbahn

Ein dauerhaft stabiles und belastbares Gleis ist eines der zentralen Elemente dafür, dass der Bahnverkehr seine Vorteile als Verkehrsträger ausspielen kann. Steigende Anforderungen führen zu neuen Herausforderungen und das System Fahrbahn entwickelt sich dynamisch weiter. Das KPZ Fahrbahn antizipiert diesen Wandel und unterstützt Sie als innovativer Partner bei allen Fragen und Problemstellungen rund um die Fahrbahn.

Schützengasse 3, 8001 Zürich

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KPZ Fahrbahn AG / Wed 03.11.2021

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KPZ Fahrbahn AG / Thu 26.08.2021

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KPZ Fahrbahn AG

Facility management

Efficient as well as effective facility management is essential for the trouble-free operation and commercial success of railway companies. Various questions arise: for example: How can the infrast...

KPZ Fahrbahn AG


The experts at the Railway Competence Centre can advise and support you on all matters related to sidings. Our experts will also be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about loading...

KPZ Fahrbahn AG

Research & Development

Involving us in the research and development of new products means you’ll be ready for the future. You’ll have a solution that is tailored to your needs for efficient use of your resources.

KPZ Fahrbahn AG

Projects and routing

In times of ever-increasing demands and at the same time shrinking financial resources, efficiency and effectiveness in handling railway projects are a must. This is ensured through the support fro...

KPZ Fahrbahn AG

Education & Training

Training and professional development at the KPZ Fahrbahn means knowledge, experience and innovation combined. Rail companies benefit from this by ensuring that they can continue to operate their r...

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