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Facility management

Efficient as well as effective facility management is essential for the trouble-free operation and commercial success of railway companies. Various questions arise: for example: How can the infrastructure provided for smooth operation be maintained with the lowest possible outlay? Are there any potential opportunities for optimisation or savings? Overall, how can life cycle costs be reduced? Our experts know the answers to these questions and will be happy to help you in all areas of facility management.

Sophisticated facility management reduces costs

The future service agreement for 2021 – 2024 will do nothing to change the increasing importance of facility management. A strategy that is harmonised across your entire infrastructure will help you reduce costs and simplify processes. With our many years of experience in the railway business, we can support you competently and effectively.

Benefit from our comprehensive knowledge

Thanks to our team of experts – which include a combination of different professional backgrounds that complement each other – we can provide you with expertise in many different aspects of asset management. Whether we provide you with a second opinion, examine technical aspects by way of an independent assessment or find the best solution for you via a survey, we will always take into account the latest developments and standards and apply them to your specific, local conditions.

Gain security when investing in the infrastructure

A piece of track normally stays on a site for well over 25 years, and is sometimes exposed to high loads during this time; but maintenance costs should still be kept as low as possible. For the track to meet these requirements, it is important to know all requirements before construction and forward them to the planners. The broad and deep experience of our experts will help to achieve clarity.

The right strategy for a secure future

By developing facility-based, monitoring or maintenance strategies, our experts can ensure that you can operate your infrastructure efficiently in the long term. With a strategy created by us, you are laying down the foundation for efficient operation.

Harmonised policies increase efficiency

Throughout the life of the infrastructure, monitoring and maintenance policies are essential for safe operation and efficient use of resources, as well as proper prioritisation and goal-oriented planning of the work. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise and vision in facility management, we can relieve you of this burden by quickly identifying priorities and providing specific suggestions for finding a solution and for operations.

Reducing the impact on the environment

Noise and vibration protection is becoming ever more important. To take efficient measures, an overview must be taken of the large number of contributing factors, and the relevant control levers must be identified. Knowledge of the railway system and the interaction between noise, vibration and maintenance measures are of crucial importance. Our experts are involved in current research projects and are testing innovative products. So we are always up to date with the latest possibilities. We will be happy to support you in your dealings with the authorities and residents, and to assess situations by providing measurements, and planning suitable measures.

Stay on the ball

The positioning of your railway company in working groups and commissions is important for securing your interests. Having worked for a long time with committees of this kind, we can ensure that your opinion is heard and that you can participate in the decision-making process. This also provides you with first-hand information.

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