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Railway facilities have to be constantly maintained and developed to ensure that they remain fully functional. This is the task of the members of our Maintenance specialist area.

Regular, economically efficient maintenance guarantees longevity and quality and enables the cost-effective operation (life cycle costs) of the equipment and materials required to keep the railway running smoothly.

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Trelco AG

Infrastruktur und Fahrzeugkomponenten

Vertretung von namhaften Herstellern aus der Bahnindustrie.

WAGNER Rail Schweiz GmbH

Fire Detection

WAGNER Rail is a leader in fire detection and offers the right solution for all applications.

WAGNER Rail Schweiz GmbH

TITANUS® C-Pro series reduces error rate and saves time during assembly

The new TITANUS® C-Pro series offers early fire detection with a sophisticated modular principle. The PMA corrugated pipe system has been specially developed for use in rail vehicles in cooperation...

Milani Design & Consulting AG

Innovation consulting: from the design of special-purpose areas to modal split to service design

Milani supports transport companies in unlocking their full sustainability and innovation potential

Milani Design & Consulting AG

Product sustainability, Ecodesign and Design for Circular Economy

Milani advises transport companies, manufacturers and suppliers to develop and implement sustainable and future-proof concepts for buses, streetcars and trains

Milani Design & Consulting AG

Refurbishment of vehicle interiors

Milani consults transport companies, manufacturers and suppliers in the modernization of vehicle interiors and helps them to significantly extend the service life of rail vehicles

Milani Design & Consulting AG

Exterior and interior design: long-distance, regional and city transportation, as well as mountain rail

Milani creates distinctive identities for the exterior and interior design of long-distance, regional and city transportation as well as for mountain rail

Milani Design & Consulting AG

Corporate Fashion Design and Workwear

Milani supports companies in the overall conception and design of workwear collections

Swibox AG


Gehäuse für den Outdoorbereich unterliegen erheblichen Belastungen. Nicht nur Wasser in Form von Regen oder Schnee, auch Sturm und die natürliche UV Strahlung können dazu führen, dass die im Innere...

Swibox AG

Plastic enclosures for the rolling stock according EN45545

swibox-RSE enclosures are the most resistant plastic standard enclosures and have been specially developed for use in industrial and outdoor areas.

Swibox AG

Aluminium terminal enclosures, Fire resistance EN 45545-3 EI30

Aluminium terminal enclosures are resistant aluminium standard enclosures and have been specially developed for use in industrial and outdoor areas. Water, dust, heat, cold or mechanical shocks -...

Swibox AG

Stainless steel enclosures Fire resistance EN45545-3 / EI30

stainless steel enclosures are resistant standard enclosures made of stainless steel and have been specially developed for use in industrial and outdoor applications. Water, dust, heat, cold, mec...

SQS Schweizerische Vereinigung für Qualitäts- und Management-Systeme


Zertifizierungsdienstleistungen im Bereich Bahn & Öffentlicher Verkehr

IGRALUB AG für Schmiertechnik

IGRALUB - over 25 years of expertise in wheel/rail conditioning for noise and wear reduction

It is not always possible to design the wheel-rail pairing from scratch. In such circumstances, Wheel-rail conditioning (WRC) offers an interesting solution

IGRALUB AG für Schmiertechnik

Igralub AG at Innotrans 2022 booth 26./250

Happy to be at the innotrans again this year - we present new solutions and concepts for noise/wear monitoring and mitigation

IGRALUB AG für Schmiertechnik

Wheel-rail monitoring for predictive maintenance.

Despite growing awareness of predictive maintenance as a means of reducing cost and improving reliability in the rail industry, its use is still limited.

IGRALUB AG für Schmiertechnik

Special lubricants for the railway

Wheel flange lubricant - Top of rail friction modifier - Contact wire conditioner - Maintenance pastes - Switch lubricants

IGRALUB AG für Schmiertechnik

On-board lubrication systems

Trainborne systems for wheel flange lubrication or top of rail conditioning

IGRALUB AG für Schmiertechnik

Wayside lubrication systems for rail and tramways

Stationary lubrication systems for gauge face and top of rail

IGRALUB AG für Schmiertechnik

TOP OF RAIL Swiss Know-how for curve noise solutions

IGRALUB has been dealing with the problem of rail squeak on bends for more than 25 years.

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