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Railway facilities have to be constantly maintained and developed to ensure that they remain fully functional. This is the task of the members of our Maintenance specialist area.

Regular, economically efficient maintenance guarantees longevity and quality and enables the cost-effective operation (life cycle costs) of the equipment and materials required to keep the railway running smoothly.

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AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Electrical safety


Molinari Rail AG

Conversion of ÖBB Passenger Coaches to Couchette Coaches

Molinari Rail is converting existing ÖBB passenger coaches into modern multi-function couchette coaches as part of the expansion of the Nightjet fleet.

Ingenieus ag


In collaboration with our partners, we produce design studies, vehicle layouts and model images. . We are equally at home working on individual components as we are on the interior or exterior desi...

KPZ Fahrbahn AG

Facility management

Efficient as well as effective facility management is essential for the trouble-free operation and commercial success of railway companies. Various questions arise: for example: How can the infrast...

AFRY Schweiz AG.


TRANSFORMING VITAL INFORMATION HIDDEN IN PLANT DATA INTO ASSETS Unlock hidden information with our engineering Data Analytics Platform AFRY e-DAP. AFRY e-DAP is a digital twin web platform p...

IGRALUB AG für Schmiertechnik

Wheel-rail monitoring for predictive maintenance.

Despite growing awareness of predictive maintenance as a means of reducing cost and improving reliability in the rail industry, its use is still limited.

Sersa Group AG (Schweiz)

Aushubmaschinen für Normal- und Meterspur - Mit unseren modernen Maschinen sparen Sie Zeit und Kosten

Für Baustellen mit Oberbauerneuerung, reiner Schotterersatz,/-aushub oder Unterbausanierung bis 120 cm ab SOK, verfügt die Sersa Schweiz über spezialisierte, 3D gesteuerte Aushubmaschinen. Die ...

WAGNER Rail Schweiz GmbH

Fire Detection

WAGNER Rail is a leader in fire detection and offers the right solution for all applications.

Kistler Instrumente AG

Rail WIM System 9192B

Automated train and infrastructure monitoring for improvment of safety, preventive maintenance and compliance

MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A.

Tamping machine

Endowed with exceptional performance, the MATISA range of tamping machines has been seducing the most demanding rail networks and contractors for many years. The precision and geometry correction c...

Telma AG

Info Light tevilux®

Multi-coloured signalling for tough conditions.

Lantal Textiles AG

Textile Soft-Interior Products as per EN 45545-2

Lantal's Train product line was developed especially to meet the needs of rail system operators with respect to design, maintenance, and standards compliance.

ComatReleco AG

Monitoring Relay MRx

The MRx line includes monitoring devices for single and threephase loads. MRx can supervise current, voltage, apparent power, active power, frequency and cosPhi as well as ΔPhi (phase sequence) in...

Arsenal Railway Certification Schweiz AG


TSI assessment and certification as notified body (NoBo).


Digital and integrated systems

We offer the smartest mobility solutions to improve rail efficiency and passenger experience

Sefag Components AG

Substation connectors

Substation connectors are a simple and cost-effective solution for directing energy to the right place.

Furka Reibbeläge AG

PUFFER für industrielle Anwendungen

Durch den Zusammenschluss mit einem erfahrenen asiatischen Partner ist die Furka Reibbeläge AG in der Lage, qualitativ hochwertige Puffer zu liefern, die auf langjährigem Fertigungs-, Entwicklungs-...

Nencki AG

Bogie Test Stand NBT

More safety - less wear - optimised operating costs

Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Schweiz AG

Dienstleistungen für Bremssysteme und On-board Systeme

Schulungen, Befähigung Bahnbetreiber, Dokumentation

AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Residual current circuit breaker

Safe in any case.

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