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Traffic Management & Security Systems

Rail transport in Switzerland enjoys a good reputation thanks to its punctuality and safety. The steady and carefully coordinated expansion of our rail network is seen as a model of success for the rest of the world. The following innovative products and services supplied by well-known Swiss companies ensure that our rail services maintain their appeal and excellent safety record now and in the future:

  • Operations control systems facilitate the flexible and efficient flow of rail traffic
  • Rail safety technology regulates and controls the entire train traffic management process
  • Passenger information systems provide passengers with clear, real-time service status information
  • Ticket sales systems with easy-to-use solutions make for stress-free travel

Our Safety and Control Technology product group offers a specialist platform for Swiss companies operating in these business fields. Membership provides access to specialist knowledge sharing and enables the representation of common interests.

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Displays and Visualisation Solutions

A rail vehicle’s display solutions are how the driver interacts with the vehicle and, therefore, play a crucial role in reliable, safe operation.

AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Electrical safety


ErvoCom AG

PIS Audio System PAN

The train borne Phone - & Announcement System PAN is a reliable digital announcement and communication solution for acoustic passenger information. State-of-the-art IP audio amplifiers with high-en...

AFRY Schweiz AG.


TRANSFORMING VITAL INFORMATION HIDDEN IN PLANT DATA INTO ASSETS Unlock hidden information with our engineering Data Analytics Platform AFRY e-DAP. AFRY e-DAP is a digital twin web platform p...

ANNAX Schweiz AG (Wabtec Corporation)

iSmart Display

iSmart Display focuses on aesthetic design and high visual rendering through lean design, immersive experience, seamless integration and smart technology.

Gimota AG

M12 Stecker nach EN 61076-2-101 & EN 61076-2-109

GTM12 sind M12-Steckverbinder auf der Basis der industriell bewährten M12 Steckverbindungstechnik und der Grundlage der Norm EN 61076-2-101 die konsequent an die ergänzenden Bedürfnisse der Bahntec...


Inter-vehicle jumper systems

The capability to combine the three core technologies in a composite cable, together with the material competences provided by our in-house RADOX® insulating and jacketing material set HUBER+SUHNER...

Telma AG

Info Light tevilux®

Multi-coloured signalling for tough conditions.

Comax Industrielle Signaltechnik AG

Multifunction LED signal light BLL

LED Signal light, IP67, 12/24 VDC or 230 VAC

Arsenal Railway Certification Schweiz AG


TSI assessment and certification as notified body (NoBo).

HARTING Technologiegruppe

HARTING Steckverbinder für Bahn-Applikationen

Produkte & Lösungen für die Verkehrstechnik


Digital and integrated systems

We offer the smartest mobility solutions to improve rail efficiency and passenger experience

Phoenix Contact AG

Lösungen für die Zukunft

Innovativ zu sein – das gilt nicht nur für unsere Produkte. Wir werden auch gemeinsam mit Ihnen neue Wege beschreiten. Persönlich und kundenspezifisch, vom einzelnen Produkt bis zur kompletten Lösu...

Stadler Signalling AG


Increased demands on rail transport are causing railway companies to focus on specific strategic goals: improve travel speed, interoperability, asset utilization, optimize infrastructure spending an...

Schweizer Electronic AG

Radio warning system Minimel Lynx

Mobile radio warning system to secure railway construction sites

Baumer Electric AG


Axle encoder (speed sensor) with bearings

Parametric GmbH

Condition based Maintenance

Live data and Alarming for Vehicles and Machines Reduce maintenance effort and overhead Optimize service work while minimizing travel time Find Trends and see issues before they ha...

InfraTech AG


Wir erstellen Elektroinstallationen im Bahn und Strassenbereich.

Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Schweiz AG

Dienstleistungen für Bremssysteme und On-board Systeme

Schulungen, Befähigung Bahnbetreiber, Dokumentation

Siemens Mobility AG

Rail Infrastructure

Products and solutions for rail automation and electrification

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