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Human Machine Interfaces. Since 1947.

EAO AG, a Swiss, family-owned company founded in 1947, has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality industrial switches, complete custom HMI panels and interface systems, and specialised automotive switch systems.

EAO develops and produces high-quality HMI Components and Systems a.o. for the public and private transport sector. These enable safe and error-free communication at all times between the transport vehicle and passengers. 

Our user-specific HMI Components and Systems meet all of the transport sector's relevant standards and guidelines. EAO products and solutions meet the diverse requirements of bus and coach, rail, aviation and maritime technology.

Tannwaldstrasse 86, 4600 Olten

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EAO Schweiz AG / Thu 31.08.2023

Passenger Interface product range extension.

Charge. Connect. Communicate.

EAO Schweiz AG / Wed 23.03.2022

HMIS Multi-Legend Alarm Indicator.

Flexible, bright and reliable.

EAO Schweiz AG / Wed 23.03.2022

New Series 57 Multi-Tone Warning Indicator.

Audible warning and LED status indication combined in a single compact device.

EAO Schweiz AG / Wed 23.03.2022

New Series 57 Multi-Legend Display.

For intuitive status information in public transportation.

EAO Schweiz AG / Fri 03.09.2021

New Series 57 Tri-Colour version.

Multi-status indication thanks to tri-colour LED illumination.

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EAO Schweiz AG

Control elements for driver's cab.

EAO works closely with experienced manufacturers and operators of rail vehicles to develop driver’s cab control elements that meet both customer expectations and international standards and specifi...

EAO Schweiz AG

Safety. For passenger access systems.

EAO passenger door controls offer quick and easy vehicle access, whilst maintaining high levels of comfort, safety and security. The large multicolour illuminated pushbuttons are easy to find, whi...

EAO Schweiz AG

EAO Passenger Interface. Charge. Connect. Communicate.

The EAO Passenger Interface improves the passenger experience, by providing phone charging, eliminating ‘low battery anxiety’ and enabling passengers to stay connected on their journeys.

EAO Schweiz AG

User-friendly controls. For toilet facilities.

Modern EAO operation panels for toilet facilities are fitted to trains and coaches all over the world.

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  • Taubenstrasse 32
  • CH-3011 Bern

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