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Passenger Interface product range extension.

Charge. Connect. Communicate.

Olten, Switzerland, October 2022 – The railway certified Passenger Interface charging system enables passengers to charge a mobile phone and another portable device during their journey. This range of charging products can give every passenger access to convenient, reliable phone charging. The Passenger Interface system includes both Qi wireless charging and a USB-socket and can be supplied complete with power supplies and cabling. Train operators can also offer additional tailored online services, through their train travel App using the unique iBeacon seat location system*.

EAO has now expanded the range of charging solutions adding additional mounting options for table top chargers, providing 10W versions for faster charging of devices and offering new power supply units.

10W Version – for faster charging
The Passenger Interface with its round tabletop or rectangular multi-coil chargers is now available with an increased charging current up to 2A (10W) for a single device. The users benefit from faster charging if charging one device but have also the option to charge two devices at a time. The increased current of 2A can be shared as 1A for USB Charging and 1A inductive charging. In addition to the previous 5W multi-coil charges the product range now also features a 10W Version which can also be built in the Seatback holster or SliderFLEX version.

New Surface Mount Charger Adapter

EAOs extended product range now offers an additional mounting option for tabletop chargers. The new Surface Mount Charger adaptor complements the existing Top Loading Charger Assembly, so that installers can more easily fit the charger to the table. There is no need to mill out the rear of the table or relaminate the tabletop. The charging unit can be securely fixed through an 80 mm hole from the top with double sided VHB tape, or an optional even more secure horseshoe mounting clamp. Thanks to the attractive non-slip charging surface, the phone stays in place on top of the charging unit.

Expansion of power supplies
EAO also expands its power supply range to cover all popular AC and DC voltage inputs and 5V and 12V outputs with 2 or 4 charging outputs in IP40 sealed enclosures. The 12V output versions are needed for the fast-charging 10W systems. For 5W or 10W charging there are many power supply options – and costs can be reduced by only using the number of outputs that are specifically required at each charging location within the train.

Innovative, intuitive, and now even faster – EAO complements its range of rail approved charging solutions with these new easy to mount and fast charge products.

*Subject to additional service charges and software development costs

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