Flawless transmission in real time

Images and language are essential in the field of transport infrastructure. Geographically widely distributed systems (signals, end devices, etc.) are increasingly functioning autonomously. This requires stable data communication with high real-time behavior and fast response times.
Data networks
Fiber optic cable networks and line cables, copper cable networks andline cables, fiber optic and copper distribution systems, geo-redundant connections, data communication for independent systems (video, fire alarm systems, etc.), connections to providers and public networks

 Structured cabling

Primary, secondary and tertiary installations, structured distribution systems, connections of buildings

Voice communication
VoIP systems, emergency call systems

Networks for industrial management
Planning for active and passive components, communication for PLC, DDC [RH1] and HMI [RH2] environments, autonomous and separate networks for applications with high availability requirements, communication with high real-time behavior

 [RH1]Ich nehme an, das steht für Direct Digital Control?

 [RH2]Human Machine Interaction?
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