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The Digitization of Railways with T-Systems

The future of mobility is digital, multimodal, efficient, and sustainable while also being individualized and a significant economic factor. Rail transport plays an outstanding role in the overall concept of public transportation, especially in Switzerland, known as the "Railway Champion." Digitization ensures that railway systems can be more efficiently utilized, people can plan and travel more comfortably, and resources are conserved. Flexible ticketing, smarter traffic flow management, and seamless integration of transportation services are all made possible, providing a seamless and positive travel experience.

T-Systems - Digitalization and Technology Partner

With locations in over 20 countries, more than 27,000 employees, and an annual revenue of approximately 4 billion euros in 2022, T-Systems, a subsidiary of Telekom, is one of the leading IT and digitalization solution providers in Europe.

Using state-of-the-art technologies and digital solutions, T-Systems is paving the way for "Mobility 2.0" for transportation companies. Their Rail Competence Center, based in Switzerland and leveraging T-Systems' international expertise, has already implemented various application scenarios.

T-Systems has extensive experience in operating critical infrastructures. With data centers in Switzerland, they possess the technical foundation, including their own cloud solutions, combined with expertise in business operations (rail network operation), knowledge of data security requirements for data and business applications, and the ability to be operational and scalable at the IT and OT interface 24/7.

Their expertise extends to IT modernization, operational efficiency, safety, and security. This means:
  • Streamlining IT landscapes to support business growth without compromising critical functions.
  • Reducing the complexity of digital transformation, saving costs, and facilitating daily work, while fully harnessing the potential of digitization.
  • Not only connecting various components but also ensuring end-to-end security across the entire value chain, including interfaces at the IT, OT, and physical levels.

Longstanding IT operations and solution partner of railway companies
For over 25 years, we have been a partner to the most significant railway companies in Europe (SBB, DB, ÖBB, and more), accompanying them from traditional IT operations to the cloud and the digitalization of tomorrow. We host and operate railway-critical applications with the highest security and reliability, and together, we develop innovations for the intelligent mobility solutions of the future.

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T-Systems Schweiz AG / Mon 07.08.2023

T-Systems ermöglicht Zugang zu IQM-Quantensystemen über die Cloud

T-Systems hat mit IQM Quantum Computers eine Absichtserklärung unterzeichnet. Zusammen soll nun ein Cloud-Zugang zu den IQM- Quantensystemen ermöglicht werden.

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T-Systems Schweiz AG

Smart Transport Suite

intelligent, komplett und bedarfsgerecht

T-Systems Schweiz AG

AI Solution Factory

Mit der AI Solution Factory von T-Systems Fehlerquoten senken und Geschäftsprozesse auf intelligente Weise automatisieren

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Hyperautomation – stärkt Ihr Business

Geschäftsorientierte Automatisierung beschleunigt komplexe IT-Prozesse und stärkt Ihre Digitalisierungsstrategie

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Managed Cyber Defense

Cybersicherheit: Solides Fundament für das Unternehmenswachstum

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Telekom Data Science Platform

Managed Cloud Service auf Basis von Open-Source-Tools wie Kubeflow und Jupyter plus unternehmensfähiger Sicherheit und EU-basiertem Support

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Telekom Data Intelligence Hub

Erlangen Sie Datenhoheit mit dem Data Intelligence Hub: Daten austauschen, verarbeiten und analysieren – zu Ihren Bedingungen und unter Wahrung Ihrer Datenhoheit

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Sovereign Cloud

Wie schöpfen Sie die Cloud-Potenziale für die Digitalisierung aus?

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