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Qnamic AG was founded in 2003 and is based in Hägendorf (CH). We develop software solutions for resource planning and allocation for railway, supplyand other service companies. Through the integration of all participants our intelligent software solutions allow for the efficient planning, dispatch and controlling of resources.
Our software is an adaptable system combining work time regulations, qualifications, suitability etc. supplying economical aspects for controlling purposes and processes in real-time. In addition to providing our software tools, we provide expert care taking of the operations ensuring smooth operational function and availability. We will gladly assist you in the implementation and help you in the analysis and implementation of process optimization.

Fabrikstrasse 10, 4614 Hägendorf

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Qnamic AG / Mon 19.12.2022

Qnamic und OST: Partnerschaft für smarte Decision-Support-Systeme

Qnamic und das Institut für Modellbildung und Simulation (IMS) der OST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule haben vor wenigen Wochen das Innosuisse-Projekt «Echtzeit Ressourcendisposition von Personal und...

Qnamic AG / Tue 18.05.2021

Bei Störungen in Echtzeit richtig agieren

Wohin führt die Reise.. Bericht im Der Nahverkehr 03/2021 von Kurt Metz verfasst

Qnamic AG / Tue 18.05.2021

Forschungs­projekt Störungs­management

Echtzeit Ressourcen­management für Eisenbahn­verkehrs­unternehmungen mit Qnamic DSSplus.

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Qnamic AG


We develop software solutions that can be adapted and accurately integrated utilizing unique parametrization and configuration processes to ensure that all the resources within your company are eff...

Qnamic AG


Based on many years of experience PlanOpt® enables you to plan and manage a multitude of production and work processes. Our credo is “efficiency through transparency.” Because along the entire plan...

Qnamic AG


The software for your railway company to support your planners and dispatchers. RailOpt® supports the company by providing accurate planning by engaging and applying dependencies between infrastruc...

Qnamic AG

RailOpt® WEB

In addition to the railway-specific RailOpt® for planners and dispatchers Qnamic AG provides a modern web application for communication purposes between personnel and planning unit.

Qnamic AG

RailOpt® DIS

With RailOpt ® DIS we complete our product range of information systems for railway engine personnel. RailOpt ® DIS (Driver Information System) furnishes the traffic schedule including all necessar...

Qnamic AG

RailOpt® DSS

The addition to the RailOpt products, RailOpt® DSS assists your planner in finding optimal solutions and facilitates decision making in the planning process. Conflicts are identified and optimized ...

Qnamic AG


For a smooth and automated process flow, connections to different available peripheral systems interfaces offer a secure exchange of information. Interfaces to different systems ensure a reduction ...

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