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Angst+Pfister looks back on a wealth of experience of over 60 years in the railway industry serving leading manufacturers and operators with comprehensive engineering solutions, uncompromisingly high-quality products and individual high-performance compounding. All from one hand – meeting the challenges of optimum resistance to fire, corrosion or UV radiation – as well as mechanical and chemical properties, making the products superior to those available on the market.

Thurgauerstrasse 66, 8052 Zürich

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Angst+Pfister AG / Thu 15.02.2024

Angst+Pfister erhält IRIS-Zertifizierung

Die IRIS-Zertifizierung (International Railway Industry Standard) ist ein weltweit anerkannter Standard, der Managementsystemen von Zulieferern in der Bahnindustrie höchste Qualität bescheinigt

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Angst+Pfister AG

APSOvib® Vibration-Insulating Components

The success of a whole system often depends on seemingly minor details: In a modern rail transport vehicle, there mustn't be any noises from fans or other components transmitted into the passenger ...

Angst+Pfister AG

APSOvib® Floor Support

APSOvib® floating floor supports increase passenger’s comfort. They are especially developed to absorb external vibrations and compensate for the car body elongation during transit, while keeping w...

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