Swissrail Industry Association

Swissrail is the association of Swiss industrial companies active in the track-bound transport sector. In addition to rail, the largest sector, buses and cable cars are also part of track-bound transport.

The association represents the interests of its members to government, local authorities, operators and the general public, and promotes the image of the industry at home and abroad.

For companies in the railway industry

Swiss companies who are members of Swissrail benefit from the wide range of services we offer. These include networking events, a presence at trade fairs abroad, workshops on important industry topics, access to the SwissrailNet information platform and the opportunity to address a professional international audience via

By becoming members, these companies also enable the association to maintain a strong presence with important stakeholders such as operators, the government and the public.

For operators at home and abroad

The quality and reliability of Swiss products is recognised throughout the world. As the authoritative point of contact for railway operators at home and abroad, we regularly pass inquiries on to industry companies in Switzerland.

For the government, local authorities and the public

Swissrail is also the rail industry's point of contact for the government, local authorities and the public. The association communicates the views of its members and helps people to find the right contacts within the industry.


Is your company interested in becoming a member of Swissrail? We would be pleased to provide you with the obligation-free information you need.

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Andreas Haas
Swissrail Industry Association
Managing Director
Fabian Riesen
Swissrail Industry Association
Deputy Managing Director
Sibylle Buess
Swissrail Industry Association
Noëlle Meier
Swissrail Industry Association
Debora Zihlmann
Swissrail Industry Association
Head of Communications

Board of directors

Peter A. Jenelten
PCS Holding AG
Armin Raiber
3A Composites Mobility AG
Vice President
Christian Schnyder
Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group Schweiz
President designate (from Sept 2023)
André Arrigoni
Eraneos Switzerland AG
Fokusthema: Nachhaltige Mobilität & Digitalisierung
Eric Cosandey
SMA und Partner AG
Fokusthema: Nachhaltige Mobilität & Digitalisierung
Michael Dalacker
Enotrac AG
Fachbereich: Dienstleistungen
Gil Fischer
ABB Schweiz AG
Fachbereich: Fahrzeuge
Bernhard Frei
Subject Area: Services
Rico Furrer
Furrer+Frey AG
Fachbereich: Infrastruktur
Andreas Hefti
Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Schweiz AG
Fokusthema: Bildung & Forschung
Antje Heimhalt
RUBI Bahntechnik Gmbh
Fokusthema: Bildung & Forschung
Cora Hentrich-Henne
Fokusthema: National
Roland Keller
Basler & Hofmann AG
Fokusthema: National
Axel Lehmann
Stadler Service AG
Fachbereich: Fahrzeuge
Franz Messerli
MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A.
Fokusthema: Global
Patrick Riederer
Fokusthema: Global
Kurt Sauerwein
GTS Schweiz AG
Fachbereich: Sicherungstechnik & Automatisierung
Markus Scheidegger
Siemens Mobility AG
Fachbereich: Sicherungstechnik & Automatisierung
Richard Storchenegger
Arthur Flury AG
Fachbereich: Infrastruktur

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