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In consulting, our portfolio is made up of six business segments Service offer, Production, Operations, Capacity, Demand and Franchises & Tenders.

Business segment Service Offer

Meet mobility requirements
Attractive service offers

To build an attractive offer that meets tomorrow's mobility needs, SMA supports you with analysis of the existing service level, assessing its adequacy for future demand and with the development of new concepts to improve journey times, frequencies and connections into an integrated multimodal plan that allows you to offer an attractive service that forms the basis for the development of "mobility as a service" (MaaS) services.

Business segment Production

Optimised resource utilisation
Guarantee an efficient production

To achieve efficient production that optimises the use of resources, SMA supports you in the evaluation of existing productivity and then creating scenarios for optimising rolling stock and personnel deployment, including vehicle storage and maintenance, as well as with the definition of fleet strategies and the location and dimensioning of workshops and parking facilities.

Business segment Operations

Assurance of quality
Ensure robust operations

To enable robust operation, SMA supports you in the analysis of existing punctuality, identifying the causes leading to irregularities and the creation of robust operating concepts with the help of simulations which integrate the verification of running time calculations, conflict resolution and shunting, for the planned schedule, with small incidents or through the anticipation of incident management situations.

Business segment Capacity

Capitalise on asset investments
Optimised capacity utilisation

For the optimal use of railway infrastructure, SMA supports you in the evaluation of the capacity utilisation and the balance between capacity requests and the route capacity including infrastructure restrictions, the development of functional requirements and the design of the infrastructure as well as in the preparation of schedule variants for engineering works.

Business segment Demand

Maximised revenues
Meet traffic demands

In order to satisfy the demand and thus maximise the transport revenues, SMA supports you in the analysis of the existing demand and the evaluation of the future transportation potentials due to the implementation of a new offer, the estimation of the corresponding revenues, the allocation of this potential to services and the comparison with the transportation capacity.

Business segment Franchises & Tenders

Optimise quality-price ratio
Successful tender submissions and processes

Um die Ausschreibung für Verkehrsleistungen erfolgreich durchzuführen und das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis zu optimieren, unterstützt Sie SMA auf AT-Seite bei der Definition von Teilnetzen, Anforderungen und der Auswertung von Angeboten oder auf EVU-Seite vor und während der Ausschreibung z.B. bei der Konzepterstellung als interner Herausforderer im Rahmen der parallelen und/oder gemeinsamen Planung bis zur Angebotsabgabe.

Fields of business activities

Analyse & Audit
Detailed review of the existing situation, decomposition into elements and study of the interactions, then definition of constraints, objectives and key variables to identify shortcomings of the system.
Definition of a reference and key quality, efficiency or productivity indicators, followed by a check of conformity of the functionality and system performance with relevant norms and standards.

Plan & Optimise
Modelling of the system in an appropriate level of precision for the task, then development of new or evolutionary strategic and/or tactical variants of the scenarios to achieve the objectives.
System oriented solution search by varying the key indicators of the objectives to achieve an overall optimum.

Evaluate & Recommend
Quantification or qualification of solution variants on the basis of indicators derived from objectives according to a multi-criteria approach that enables the establishment of a socio-economic or costs (CAPEX-OPEX) - benefits evaluation.
Formulation of conclusions and recommendations for actions which are necessary to achieve the objectives and improve the overall performance of the system, and the provision of support with the implementation.
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