Sefag Components AG

Sefag Components AG develops and produces specialised connecting components for electrical systems that ensure trouble-free, long-lasting power transmission. The components and systems have proven particularly effective when electricity has to be transmitted in difficult conditions.

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Sefag Components AG

Substation connectors

Substation connectors are a simple and cost-effective solution for directing energy to the right place.

Sefag Components AG

Expansion connectors

Expansion connectors are flexible connecting elements for power transmission that can also withstand powerful physical forces, meaning they also guarantee a reliable electric connection in difficul...

Sefag Components AG

Braided connectors

Braided connectors are highly flexible connecting elements for power transmission. Thanks to their flexibility, they have proven extremely durable against switching surges, oscillations and vibrati...

Sefag Components AG

Bus bars

Bus bars are connecting elements used in power transmission that also guarantee a reliable electrical connection in tight spaces.

Sefag Components AG

Plug connectors

Plug connectors enable the flow of electricity to be disconnected and reconnected quickly and easily when required.

Sefag Components AG

Crimped connectors

Crimped connectors are used in electrical engineering to connect two electrical conductors together in a cost-effective and long-lasting way. The conductors are brought together in a hollow metal b...

Sefag Components AG

Connecting bolts

In the area of energy distribution, connecting bolts form the link between a ground station – such as a substation – and an overhead line. In order to connect the conductors, they are brought toget...

Sefag Components AG

Cooling boxes

Cooling boxes are used in the field of power electronics to reduce the operating temperature of electronic parts.

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