Casram has been manufacturing electrical contacts and electromechanical parts for more
than sixty years. Its lengthy experience in working metals like copper, silver, and tungsten, along
with the careful attention paid to each individual working phase, engineering and machining, allows
Casram SA since the beginnings to produce high quality components.
As a result, Casram has become the leader at a European level, for the manufacture of electrical
contacts and components for rolling stock.
The quality and reliability of Casram SA products is recognized and appreciated by the major rolling
stock first equipment manufacturers. Contacts, flexible connections, arc extinguish chambers,
insulators, brush holders, carbon brushes, trolley current collectors, earthing devices as well as
service and repair for railway and other industries – that’s what Casram’s core business is all about.

Via Cantonale 31, 6805 Mezzovico

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  • CH-3011 Bern

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