Safe, comfortable, economic and available

Means of guided transport from Swiss production prove themselves on the ground and in the air on all continents. In cities and agglomerations aerial cableways and cable cars are inexpensive and efficient alternatives to buses, trams and undergrounds. They are distinguished through low ground requirements, short construction time, low costs for construction and maintenance as well as high capacity and environmental friendliness.

Where capacity increases by means of more tracks and longer platform edges are no longer possible at reasonable costs, double-deck trains help to satisfy passenger requirements in short as well as long-distance travel.

If the topography demands a line inclination for which the wheel/track friction is no longer sufficient, then the cogwheel takes over: World wide, cogwheel railways are only manufactured in Switzerland. Swiss manufacturers of rolling stock put special value on low costs of operation and maintenance during the planned vehicle lifetime. They are also prepared to take over the maintenance in order to guarantee availability.

Every train in the world has Swiss know-how,
experience and components.

Laying tracks right up to the peak

The Alpine Ibex: It lives and climbs between the tree line and the ice limit up to 3500 metres above sea level. It is the heraldic animal of the mountain canton Grisons with the highest year-round used adhesion rail track in Europe over the Bernina Pass (2253 metres).

Rolling Stock: Guided transport vehicles and systems produced in Switzerland prove themselves under the ground, on the earth’s surface and in the air:
  • Aerial cableways, cable cars and funicular railways make mountains up to 3820 metres above sea level (Kleinmatterhorn) accessible for the view and for sport – now also as ground independent and congestion-free means of public transport in heavily built-up and topographically difficult cities.

  • Narrow and standard gauge tramways are experiencing a renaissance in the whole of Europe as also in Basel, Bern, Geneva and Zurich

  • Articulated trains with an inserted traction module are economic to procure and maintain

  • Multiple units for different gauges, voltages and gradients up to 70% prove themselves under all climatic conditions

  • Double-deck trains in commuter and long-distance traffic are answers to the high mobility demands and infrastructural capacity bottlenecks
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