Innovation follows tradition

Swiss advisors plan systems and installations for guided transport vehicles worldwide. Universities and colleges over the whole country train specialists. They develop customized and economic mobility systems.

Manufacturers of rail components, transport companies and ultimately passengers all over the world benefit from this. This has tradition: Switzerland belongs to the pioneers in railway construction and is the forerunner for a synchronised, integrated public transport system. This works: The Swiss residents are world champions in rail travel. The networking of trams, trolley buses, narrow and standard gauge railways, buses, ships and mountain railways - on and above the ground - is unique and exemplary.

Perfect design and planning create room for improvisation during implementation.

Overview from the bird’s eye view

The Golden Eagle: Today, its habitat mainly comprises alpine meadows, moors and forest edges. On average, a breeding pair utilises an area of fifty square kilometres. The “Lords of the Skies” hunt in flight close to the ground and use every cover in order to surprise and seize their prey in a dive.

Consulting: Advisers listen, enquire, suggest and support companies in the implementation. They do this in the background and with distance to the daily business. They have sound education and many years of experience with guided transport.

Traffic Planning: Planning means being above the subject, recognising and generating relationships, maintaining the overview – developing solutions from the bird’s eye view.

System Design: Extraordinary solutions are traditional in Switzerland: the steepest cog railway on Pilatus (48%), the steepest funicular railway to the Gelmersee (106%) and with 42 seconds, the highest train density in the world in Zurich railway station.

Members of the product group Consulting / Traffic Planning / System Design