The decisive interfaces

Passengers and train staff must be able to rely on timetable and traffic information in real time. Specialised Swiss companies develop, produce and maintain background systems, equipment and displays analogue and digital, stationary and for vehicles.

Safety and reliability are synonymous for Swiss products for traffic management and signalling. Thus Switzerland is a pioneering country in the testing, introduction and operation of the European Train Control System (ETCS). Since 2007, as the first railway in Europe, the Swiss Federal Railway SBB successfully uses ETCS Level 2 in full scheduled operation with train headways of two minutes. It has already proved itself on the new 45 kilometre long section Mattstetten – Rothrist between Bern and Zurich as well as in the 37.4 kilometre long Lötschberg base tunnel. From 2017, the Gotthard base tunnel will also be equipped with it.

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Communication with a difference

The Alpine Marmot: It lives above the tree line in groups of up to 20 animals: An adult pair and offspring from different years. Marmots manage the extreme alpine conditions well. Characteristic is their piercing whistle that warns the fellow members of the species of dangers in good time and over a long distance.

Traffic Management Systems: Train headways of up to 2-minute cycles require a high availability and reliability of the guidance systems. On a fault, they guarantee prompt intervention and speedy rectification.

Passenger Information Systems: Acoustic and visual information are the basis for a trouble-free flow of passengers and optimum connections.

Ticket Sales Systems: Ticket machines must be appropriate for several generations: optically readable, acoustically comprehensible and tactual easy to use as well as suitable for all methods of payment.

Railway Security Technology: For years now, the ETCS Level 2 has proven itself in the Swiss Central Plateau and on the pre-alpine Lötschberg line. From 2016 the new Gotthard Transalpine will follow.
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