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The members of Swissrail offer solutions for virtually everything needed for the operation of railways. Take a look at the diverse world of the (railway) industry!

ErvoCom AG

Train Radio Systems

The Train Radio System TRS2090 is a digital train radio system based on different radio technologies, which sets a new standard in the modern Railway communications industry. The comprehensive trai...

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG

T connector

Bolted T-connectors are the standard cable termination for the connection to transformers, motors, switchgears and other components. With the appropriate mating parts it is also possible to realise...

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG

Center Break Disconnector CBD

The reliable all-rounder. Flexible in use, whether standing, hanging or vertically mounted, our Center Break Disconnector is adapted to your needs and can be equipped with a comprehensive set of ad...

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG

Earthing Switch EF

Suitable for busbar earthing as well as for neutral point applications, our EF is specifically designed for your application and can be adapted to fit in existing systems. Available for short ci...

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG

Line switch FSM

Available for rated currents up to 630A and short circuit currents up to 63/25kA, 1s

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG


With the mobile partial discharge equipment EGT-75 from ALPHA-ET, our customer can test the high voltage cable solution after assembling and mounting on the train.

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG


ALPHA-ET offers a wide range of services in Traction business for train manufacturers, service providers and train operators.

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG


For disconnectors we provide FIRST CLASS SERVICE to ensure long-life, secure and reliable operation of the installed equipment. A team of qualified experts will support you in all necessary step...

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG

Jumper cable

In general, a distinction is made between fully insulated and partly insulated jumper cables. Both cables are manufactured according to customers’ needs. They are optimized for the use in traction ...

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG

Flexible termination - ESF 40S

The flexible cable termination ESF 40S is a dry, slip-on termination for modular assembly. It largely consists of prefabricated, slip-on silicone components. The use of silicone sheds makes it idea...

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG

Pluggable terminations CCS and ESF-S

CCS cable termination The CONNEX Connection System is a dry pluggable cable termination for cable to cable connections of all kind. The connectors on the equipment-side are designed to meet EN 5...

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG

Post insulator

The ALPHA silicone rubber post insulators are used for a wide range of high voltage applications. They support the cable terminations, busbars and other equipment of the HV-cabling on trains. Stand...

ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG

Rigid termination - ESF RS / DS

The rigid cable termination ESF RS and DS are dry, slip-on terminations for modular assembly. They largely consist of one compact, prefabricated, slip-on silicone component. The use of silicone sh...

KPZ Fahrbahn AG

Facility management

Efficient as well as effective facility management is essential for the trouble-free operation and commercial success of railway companies. Various questions arise: for example: How can the infrast...

KPZ Fahrbahn AG


The experts at the Railway Competence Centre can advise and support you on all matters related to sidings. Our experts will also be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about loading...

KPZ Fahrbahn AG

Research & Development

Involving us in the research and development of new products means you’ll be ready for the future. You’ll have a solution that is tailored to your needs for efficient use of your resources.

KPZ Fahrbahn AG

Projects and routing

In times of ever-increasing demands and at the same time shrinking financial resources, efficiency and effectiveness in handling railway projects are a must. This is ensured through the support fro...

KPZ Fahrbahn AG

Education & Training

Training and professional development at the KPZ Fahrbahn means knowledge, experience and innovation combined. Rail companies benefit from this by ensuring that they can continue to operate their r...

AFRY Schweiz AG.

Versorgung und Netze

Die Modernisierung des Übertragungsnetzes ist ein Schlüsselfaktor für den Energiewandel.

AFRY Schweiz AG.

Umweltverträglichkeit für Infrastrukturprojekte

In allem, was wir tun, respektieren wir Landschaft und Natur. AFRY's Spezialisten sind Experten in der Beurteilung, wie Ihr Projekt sich auf ökologische und soziale Faktoren auswirkt und von diesen...

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