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The members of Swissrail offer solutions for virtually everything needed for the operation of railways. Take a look at the diverse world of the (railway) industry!

ComatReleco AG

Monitoring Relay MRx

The MRx line includes monitoring devices for single and threephase loads. MRx can supervise current, voltage, apparent power, active power, frequency and cosPhi as well as ΔPhi (phase sequence) in...

Arsenal Railway Certification Schweiz AG


TSI assessment and certification as notified body (NoBo).

Compounds AG

Brandschutzgummimischungen und -dichtungsprofile EPDM DragonFlex

Compounds offers a newly developed halogen-free mixture, the applications can be indoors and outdoors, available from 60 to 80 ShoreA. If it comes into contact with fire, there are hardly any combu...

HARTING Technologiegruppe

HARTING Steckverbinder für Bahn-Applikationen

Produkte & Lösungen für die Verkehrstechnik


Digital and integrated systems

We offer the smartest mobility solutions to improve rail efficiency and passenger experience

Sefag Components AG

Substation connectors

Substation connectors are a simple and cost-effective solution for directing energy to the right place.

3A Composites Mobility AG

INNOCAB® / front cabin

High quality, lightweight, ready-to-go rail front end cabin unit with superior impact resistance. A reliable and trusted solution that can optionally be assembled and/or additionally equipped on de...

Phoenix Contact AG

Lösungen für die Zukunft

Innovativ zu sein – das gilt nicht nur für unsere Produkte. Wir werden auch gemeinsam mit Ihnen neue Wege beschreiten. Persönlich und kundenspezifisch, vom einzelnen Produkt bis zur kompletten Lösu...

Stadler Signalling AG


Increased demands on rail transport are causing railway companies to focus on specific strategic goals: improve travel speed, interoperability, asset utilization, optimize infrastructure spending an...

Arthur Flury AG

Railway technology

Conical couplings and collar sockets Catenary suspension Clamps / Turnbuckles Material for safety and earthing Section insulators Neutral sections/phase breaks Insulators Accessories for ins...

Schweizer Electronic AG

Radio warning system Minimel Lynx

Mobile radio warning system to secure railway construction sites

Furka Reibbeläge AG

PUFFER für industrielle Anwendungen

Durch den Zusammenschluss mit einem erfahrenen asiatischen Partner ist die Furka Reibbeläge AG in der Lage, qualitativ hochwertige Puffer zu liefern, die auf langjährigem Fertigungs-, Entwicklungs-...

Nencki AG

Bogie Test Stand NBT

More safety - less wear - optimised operating costs

Baumer Electric AG


Axle encoder (speed sensor) with bearings

Parametric GmbH

Condition based Maintenance

Live data and Alarming for Vehicles and Machines Reduce maintenance effort and overhead Optimize service work while minimizing travel time Find Trends and see issues before they ha...

Carrosserie Hess AG


Als Unternehmen eines Alpenlandes kennt HESS die Anforderungen, die hügeliges und steiles Gelände an Fahrzeuge stellt. 1919, also bereits vor rund einem Jahrhundert, produzierte HESS den ersten «C...

Syslogic AG

AI Railway Computer RML A3 (NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier)

AI Railway Computer based on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier for Intelligent Vision Applications.

Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Schweiz AG

Dienstleistungen für Bremssysteme und On-board Systeme

Schulungen, Befähigung Bahnbetreiber, Dokumentation

Siemens Mobility AG

Rail Infrastructure

Products and solutions for rail automation and electrification

Fränkische Cable Management AG


EMI/EMC fittings and accessories

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