Data / Event Recorders – Juridical Recording Units (JRU)

Event recorders are vital to analyzing the causes of an accident. HaslerRail has been manufacturing speed indicators and data recording systems since 1887. Today, tens of thousands of our devices and systems are in service around the globe.

The HaslerRail TELOC® data recording system delivers all of the functions required by the rail market, from data acquisition to recording, including juridical data recording (JRU) for ETCS and other signalling systems. The highly-customizable system is ideal for main-line locomotives, high-speed trains, suburban units, metro cars, and mountain railways and light rail vehicles.

The system can acquire data from different sensors and from most third-party systems via different interfaces. It can provide speed calculation, data recording, data processing, speed indication, and signal transmission. Certifications up to SIL 2 and SIL 4 are available for certain functions.

The modular system architecture means that it can be customized for individual vehicles and projects. A variety of Crash Protected Memory modules are also available.

The TELOC® event recorders are available with different enclosure designs to comply with form-fit requirments.
  • Railways traffic-control equipment
  • Train-monitoring system
  • Swissrail Industry Association
  • Taubenstrasse 32
  • CH-3011 Bern

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