Molinari Rail AG

Conversion of ÖBB Passenger Coaches to Couchette Coaches

Molinari Rail is converting existing ÖBB passenger coaches into modern multi-function couchette coaches as part of the expansion of the Nightjet fleet.

Know-how for night trains - With this pioneering project, Molinari Rail is opening up a new area of expertise. The re-engineering project comprises 22 vehicles. Molinari Rail is responsible for the entire project handling, from the development and refurbishment of the donor vehicles to the production, assembly and approval of the new vehicle types in accordance with the 4th railway package (4. Eisenbahnpaket).

Read the media release here:
  • Railway passenger coaches
  • Parts of locomotives or rolling stock
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering services
  • Swissrail Industry Association
  • Taubenstrasse 32
  • CH-3011 Bern

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