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Train Radio Systems

The Train Radio System TRS2090 is a digital train radio system based on different radio technologies, which sets a new standard in the modern Railway communications industry. The comprehensive train solution offers customers the possibility to connect different sub systems such as passenger information system (PA & PIS), Intercom (emergency intercom) as well as CCTV to the central communication platform.

Besides the usual important GSM-R typical functionalities the train radio system often contains other individual customer specific railway applications and functionalities as well as menu structures for the daily operational business, which are subject to detailed technical specification between ErvoCom International and the client prior to a project rollout. This is efficiently possible thanks to the modular system concept of TRS2090. Additionally to the standard functionalities like voice communication the TRS2090 provides further railway specific features, e.g. emergency call, call preemption according to priorities, passenger announcements into the train, text messaging (SDS), functional registration, train running number based calls and more.

Depending on the individual project requirements the TRS2090 system consists of a combination of a central controller unit (ZSE2130) in conjunction to one or two remotely connected human machine interfaces (CoCo2137/CoCo2167/DMI2177).

The following basic functionalities are provided:

  • Voice communication with transmission and reception of text messages
  • Data communication from/to on-board computer systems
  • Emergency communication
  • Creation of dynamic groups for specific scenarios
  • Passenger announcements into the train (train driver initiated call or dispatcher initiated call)
  • Possibility of interconnection to passenger information systems (PIS), INTERCOM (IC), e.g. emergency call terminals for passengers
  • Interfaces to audio accessories, e.g. handset, gooseneck- or palm microphone, etc.
  • Mobile telephones
  • Data-transmission equipment
  • Digital transmission apparatus
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