Baumer Electric AG


Axle encoder (speed sensor) with bearings

  • Up to 4 fully independent encoder unit per sensor, serving multiple sub-systems (WSP, traction control, train control, JRU, etc.)
  • Free-programmable resolution (ppr) for each encoder unit
  • Robust design (shock, vibration, IP, mechanical impact)
  • Excellent signal quality for high-peformance traction or brake control
  • Lowest life time cost (LCC) due to robust bearing design and field-replaceable bearing package
  • Easy in integration, e.g. for retro-fit projects
  • SIL2 certified and compliant to EN50155
  • Parts of railway or tramway locomotives or rolling stock; railways traffic-control equipment
  • Swissrail Industry Association
  • Taubenstrasse 32
  • CH-3011 Bern

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