Swissrail Industry Association / Tue 15.11.2022

Rejuvenating an old fleet to deliver a 21st century service

From a passenger's point of view, rail is by far the most sustainable way to get from point A to point B, especially if the train is powered by electricity from renewable sources. From a rail opera...

HUBER+SUHNER / Mon 06.09.2021

Keeping on-board connectivity fast with new wi-fi 6e antennas

Our new SENCITY® Omni-SR Slim 6x6 MIMO antenna is a globally certified railway antenna, enabling operators worldwide to meet rising on-board Wi-Fi connectivity demands. Compatible with Wi-Fi 6E, th...

HUBER+SUHNER / Mon 06.09.2021

Enabling 5g connectivity on double decker trains

Modern train designs need to utilise as much space as possible inside and outside the carriage. Strict restrictions prevent carriage heights from exceeding set gauge limits. Therefore, it is import...

HUBER+SUHNER / Mon 06.09.2021

Overcoming public network black spots with high performance trackside antennas

As trains become increasingly connected, the demand for high data throughput is on the rise. This is why we have launched our new SENCITY® Spot-SR 2x2 Wi-Fi MIMO antenna, designed for use in tracks...

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