ABB Schweiz AG / Tue 20.06.2023

Innovative Rectifier Substation for RFI Italy

RFI Italy is testig a smart 3 kV DC traction substation at Forlì

ABB has supplied, installed and commissioned two active rectifiers Enviline TCR and an energy storage system Enviline ESS at the 3 kV DC traction substation Forlì of RFI Italy near Bologna. Intensive tests have proven excellent performance of the equipment.

The project has been jointly executed with Colas Rail Italia as leader of a consortium with ABB S.p.A., which had been awarded the contract for the design, build and testing of an innovative traction power substation for the purpose of regulating the voltage and storage of the braking energy of trains at the Forlì substation.

The smart DC traction substation Forli has a strong innovative and sustainable character and involves the use of IGBT converter technology for the conversion and re-use of the power generated by trains during braking to ensure that the energy required to supply the 3kV DC railway lines is managed more efficiently. This is a particularly advanced system that has already been successfully applied on 750 and 1500 VDC networks, but for the first time in Italy on a 3kV DC railway line.
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