Molinari Rail AG / Fri 14.10.2022

Innotrans 2022 – a complete success

Molinari Rail would like to thank the numerous visitors at Innotrans. We were pleased to have finally (after four years) met you in person, as a customer, business partner or acquaintance.

Molinari Rail is overwhelmed by the great interest shown at the booth from all over the world. Innotrans has proven that networking and personal encounters are still important to live our passion for transportation together.

We like to introduce a partnership that was formed in Berlin: Molinari Rail will support the exciting company Nevomo in vehicle integration in the future. This is a passive magnetic levitation train that runs on existing tracks at speeds of up to 550 km/h and enriches the high-speed sector.

The transport industry is booming: it was a pleasure to see all the innovation that has emerged in recent years, despite obstacles. Modern mobility is on the march – and we are making it extraordinary!

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