Selectron Systems AG / Tue 11.10.2022

Acting is better than reacting – Secure, Digital Communication with Selectron Cybersecurity products & services

Our Cyber Security mission:
- Create railway solutions with cybersecurity built-in by design
- Provide innovative security services complementing Selectron solutions
- Accelerate the transition to a defense in depth collaboration with our clients

Your advantages:
  • A holistic approach meets a sophisticated defence-in-depth strategy: Several coordinated layers of protection form an efficient shield against cyber threats for devices, network and data transmission.
  • Customised and modular solutions: Tailor-made and modular security-by-design products and solutions that meet the individual challenges of vehicle manufacturers and train operators.
  • Consistent strategy and zero-trust architecture throughout the entire Knorr-Bremse systems: The group-wide standardised security architecture on the basis of zero trust concepts offers the highest possible level of integrated and homogeneous end-to-end security.
  • One-stop shop for safety standards and regulations: With our products, you are not only well prepared with regard to IEC 62443, CENELEC WG26 and TS50701 - but also for the strict EU NIS Directive or EN50129:2019 requirements.
  • Dedicated products and services for both existing and new fleets: With the Threat Detection Solution (TDS), Security Gateways and Managed Rail SOC, we have marked the start of a stringent portfolio expansion with rail security products and solutions. Equip your systems with cyber security and cyber resilience - and grab the return on investment.
  • A strong team: Together with partners who are as strategic as they are highly qualified, our customers receive a seamless combination of rail, IT and infrastructure security expertise.
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