SWISSRAIL Industry Association is the local and global association of the Swiss railway industry and the Swiss railway engineering companies. It incorporates more than one hundred members. These produce vehicles and components and render services for all forms of guided transport. The SWISSRAIL Industry Association:

  • works in six thematic product groups
  • organises educational trips and exhibition presence
  • represents the members’ interests towards politics, authorities and the media
  • is networked with the most important players in public transport

The Articles of Association give information on terms of admission.

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  • Peter Jenelten

    Peter Jenelten

    Swissrail Industry Association
  • Jonas Ryser
    Head of Projects

    Jonas Ryser

    Swissrail Industry Association
  • Fabian Riesen
    Head of Services

    Fabian Riesen

    Swissrail Industry Association
  • Debora Zihlmann
    Social Media

    Debora Zihlmann

    Swissrail Industry Association
  • Michaela Stöckli
    Director (currently absent)

    Michaela Stöckli

    SWISSRAIL Industry Association

Executive Committee

  • Peter Jenelten

    Peter Jenelten

    PCS Holding
  • Dr. Armin Raiber
    Vice president

    Dr. Armin Raiber

    Airex Composite Structures
  • Michele Molinari

    Michele Molinari

    Molinari Rail AG
  • Martin Deiss

    Martin Deiss

    ABB Schweiz AG

Board of Directors

  • Rudi Hoz

    Rudi Hoz

    SERSA Group AG (Schweiz)
  • Michael Dalacker

    Michael Dalacker

    Enotrac AG
  • Stefan Bühler

    Stefan Bühler

  • Stéphane Wettstein

    Stéphane Wettstein

    Bombardier Transportation (Switzerland) AG
  • Richard Storchenegger

    Richard Storchenegger

    Arthur Flury AG
  • Patrick Riederer

    Patrick Riederer

    Huber + Suhner AG
  • Roland Keller

    Roland Keller

    Basler & Hofmann AG
  • Edgar Keller

    Edgar Keller

    ABB Schweiz AG
  • Seppi Käppeli

    Seppi Käppeli

    Nencki AG
  • Marcel Aerni

    Marcel Aerni

    Furka Reibbeläge AG
  • Markus Häusermann

    Markus Häusermann

    Siemens Mobility AG
  • Rico Furrer

    Rico Furrer

    Furrer+Frey AG