Product Group:

Betriebs­leit­systeme, Bahnsicherungstechnik, Fahrgast­informations­systeme und Ticketverkaufssysteme

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  • Aareplast AG

    plastics solutions for:
    • switch disconnectors
    • circuit-breakers
    • vacuum disconnectors
    • insulation components
    • relais
    • signalisation
    • plug connector
    • housings in tunnel
    Requirements for railway engineering plastics:
    • surface leakage resistance
    • heat resistance
    • weather resistance
    • flame resistance
    • chemical resistance
  • ANNAX Schweiz AG

    Mobile online passenger information systems (Displays, automatic announcement, online communication) for railway operators.

  • Bacher AG

    Bacher AG develops and produces complete customer-specific solutions for integrated systems and sub-systems components of varying complexity for the rail industry. As a project oriented company, we offer our customers a complete service ranging from consulting, development, production, assembly to individual logistics solutions.

    Our main product groups (in accordance with EN 15380-2):

    • Staircases for double-decker trains (also with maintenance openings)
    • Interior paneling
      • Ceiling systems
      • Bulkhead paneling
      • Machine room paneling
    • Partitions and intermediate combined floor & ceiling
    • Exterior fittings
      • Roof covering
      • Exterior trimming
    • Tables
    • Luggage racks
    • Interior lighting concepts
      • Passenger compartment lighting
      • Cockpit lighting
      • Emergency lighting
    • Inner doors
      • Cockpit door
      • Machine room door
    • Additional facilities
      • Waste containers
      • Ski racks
      • Bicycle holders
      • Ticket vending machines
      • Sanitary installations
      • Maintenance and apparatus hatches
    • Project management for complete train interior systems
  • Bär Bahnsicherung AG

    • Studies and preliminary projects
    • Development projects
    • Outline projects / planning approval documentation
    • Implementation projects, system design
    • Overall project planning
    • Installation, pre-service testing and putting into operation
    • Safety verification and audits
    • Expert reports
  • Baumer Management Services AG

    For many years Baumer has been a reliable partner for the rail industry. Durable, cost-effective standard sensors in robust housings with proven sealing designs, sensor technology matched to a specific application and industry-standard qualification are as much part of the wide ranging product portfolio as customer-oriented new developments for every conceivable sensor application in rail transport technology.
    • Multi-channel axle encoder for speed measurement (ETCS / WSP / Traction / Speed)
    • Speed Pickup sensors
    • Pressure control (sensors, switches)
    • Pressure indication and monitoring (Gauges mechanically and electrically)
    • Level control in water and wastewater tanks
    • Temperature sensors
    • Distance measurement (Laser / Ultrasonic)
    • Presence detection (Inductive / Capacitive / Photoelectric sensors)
    • Identification and image processing
  • Comax Industrielle Signaltechnik AG

    Electronic sound generators and warning lights for railway purposes. Application on rolling stock, at level crossings and alongside the tracks. Development of signalling devices along in accordance with the standard railway standards.
  • Confecta AG

    Als einer der führenden Anbieter von Verbindungstechnologie für Industrie und Verkehrstechnik (inkl. Tunnelbau) verfügt Confecta AG über Know-how und langjährige Erfahrung in der Entwicklung und Konfektionierung von Kabelsystemen – von der Idee bis zum Produkt, von einfachen Kabeln bis zu hochkomplexen Gesamtlösungen. Die grosse Produktevielfalt umfasst Litzen und Litzengarnituren, Einzelkabel und Kabelgruppen, elektrische und mechanische Komponenten, Spezialkabel und Kabelbäume, Baugruppen und Gesamt- systeme. Die Confecta AG ergänzt ihr breites Angebot mit technischen Produkten und Halbfabrikaten als Handelsartikel. Hochqualifizierte Mitarbeiter analysieren, beraten, entwickeln Ideen, planen und begleiten kompetent und praxisnah während des ganzen Entwicklungsprozesses. Dank modernster Technologie, vollauto- matischem Litzen- und Kabelverarbeitungscenter und prozessintegrierter Qualitätsüberwachung entstehen einzigartige Produkte und Systeme, Prototypen, Nullserien bis zur Serienproduktion.

  • DTec Solutions AG

    Railway Engineering

    We are able to develop complete products in case of software und system engineering for our customers.

    From architecture to approval, a 360° solution, for rolling stock and signalling solutions.

    All phases of product- and process cycles are possible. From Feasibility Analysis via

    • Architecture
    • Design
    • Implementation
    • Verification
    • Validation
    • RAM
    • Safety
    • Security
    • Quality Assurance
    • Assessment
    • Approval

    Since years we are a reliable partner for all system vendor, component manufactures and op-erators. We have a profound knowledge in many kinds of railway products i.e.:

    • Signalling Equipment
    • Onboard-Technology
    • Train Traffic Control and Supervision Systems
    • Vehicle Control
    • Rolling Stock Subsystems.

    Railway Security

    In the area of IT security we cover both the process and the technological aspects of systems and products, according ISO 27001 und IEC 62443.

    We offer consulting in the area of IT- and Information Security:

    • Consulting regarding ISO 27001 (Process)
      • Costumer related requirements analysis
      • Development and implementation of sector standards
      • Implementation of a reporting office to government entity (ISB)
      • Support during implementation and certification of an ISMS
    • Consulting according IEC 62443 (product)
      • Costumer related requirements analysis for products, systems and institutions
      • Budget estimation for a successful product certification
      • Project planning and project execution
      • Individual engineering support during the whole certification process
        • Secure Software Development
        • Software Test
        • Risk Analysis
  • EAO AG

    As a worldwide leading supplier to the transportation industry, EAO has strong partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers of rail rolling stock, buses and ships. We develop standard and customised products that adhere to the latest industry standards as well as ergonomical requirements for handicapped people. Key drivers in the transportation sector are reliability, quality, longevity, safety and compliance to international standards. Our pushbuttons contribute to the reliability and ergonomic design of many applications such as cockpits, driver cabs, door controls, reading lights, modern toilets, access platforms and passenger comfort controls.

  • Elma Electronic AG

    Your Solution Partner for

    • System Solutions
    • Backplanes
    • Enclosures & Components
    • Cabinets
    • Rotary Switches
    • Powersupplies (AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC)
    • Industrial & Railway Computers and Display Solutions
  • ErvoCom AG

    Innovative system solutions in the field of:

    • Train Radio Systems (Analog/DMR, Tetra, LTE/FRMCS)
    • Public address systems for rolling stock (VOIP & Analog)
    • Emergency intercom for rolling stock
    • Passenger information systems
    • Communication systems


    • Consulting, product evaluation, project management and logistics follow-up for power supplies and converters
    • Evaluation of specifications including design proposals and prototypes, production ramp-up and mass production of customized power supplies.
    • Handling of standard power supplies and converters for all fields of application including railways.
  • Fela Management AG

    FELA Management AG, on the market since 1967 is the leading manufacturer for telematic applications for logistics, transport, internet based information and transport control systems as well as electronic payment solutions. FELA offers technologies and services for tracking and transport management, public transport and long distance control management.

    FELA integrates components to sophisticated systems for rail and public transport : intermodal transport control systems (ITCS), ticketing systems, internal and external passenger information systems, video surveillance, emergency intercoms and dynamic passenger information at stops. Besides, FELA is manufacturer of the Swiss toll system LSVA.

    With the internet based IoT tracking system CarLoc FELA can offer comprehensive high quality IoT tracking solutions for transport and logistics, flexible and scalable to customers’ needs.

    Our engineers provide solutions optimized for specific sectors, covering all kinds of transportation. Forwarding agents, construction companies and courier services can profit from cost reduction, thus optimizing productivity.

    FELA is ISO 9001 certified for development, realization and industrialization of hardware and software as well as for project management.

  • GESTE Engineering SA

    Engineering and consulting in

    • ERTMS, railway signalling and automation
    • Telecom and GSM-R
    • Railway interoperability
    • Safety and risk analysis, RAMS
    • Aerodynamics and ventilation
  • GGB Tristar Suisse SA

    The tribological solution provider for industrial progress, regardless of shapes or material.

  • Groupe IED SA


    IED Intelis is a company specialized in railways automation and signaling and offers the following set of benefits:

    • Feasibility studies, pre-projects and projects
    • Research missions
    • Safety studies according to EN 50126/28/29
    • Security tests
    • Experience in planning and implementation phase


    IED Intelis propose solution signaling:

    • Interlocking
    • Level crossing protection systems
    • Signaling Components
    • Operation Control Systems
    • Speed control for metro application


    IED Intelis can offer, as a supplier of facilities, turnkey solutions, in collaboration with the operator or as integrator for other companies

    • General concept, diagram, time-distance
    • Manufacturing diagrams and dossiers
    • Complex interfaces
    • Automatic control systems (ETCS, ZBMS)
    • Manufacturing, field assembly, wiring
    • Factory, operational and commissioning tests.
    • Commissioning, training
    • Monitoring
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • 24/7 Service
    • After-sales service


    • IP67/68 modular heavy duty Connectors for Power, Controls, Datasignal and Bussystems, including according Cablesets.
    • Application: Datatransfer for Communication,  Motor-Powerconnectors, ………
    • Ethernet Switches complying with the needs in Transportation
    • IRIS and ISO9001 certified
    • VDE certified test laboratory
    • Applicationtraining, Engineering- and Consultingsupport
    • Globally present by more then 20 local daughter companies
  • HaslerRail AG

    HaslerRail leads the market in rolling-stock equipment for the railway industry by delivering high-quality products, including sensors, data recorders, displays, energy meters, and data management solutions.

  • Huber + Suhner AG

    HUBER+SUHNER products are developed for the specific requirements of the railway market. They improve safety and comfort for passengers and contribute to enhancing the attractiveness of public transport. To meet these demands, HUBER+SUHNER offers solutions based on the three technologies of radio frequency, low frequency, and fibre optics. As one of Europe‘s leading suppliers, HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of products which provide the platform to build modern rail vehicles. New and innovative products based on our proven technologies support you to fulfil the demanding requirements of the railway industry. The rail industry has to deliver increasing safety, reliability, energy efficiency and comfort. In addition, more on-board services are being installed for the traveller such as information and internet access services.

    Products are used in:

    Traction/control systems, Train safety systems, Inter-vehicle cable systems, In-carriage subsystems, Wireless access, GSM-R, Wireless LAN systems and Trackside infrastructure

    Low frequency products:

    Our high performance RADOX traction cables are designed to be smaller and lighter than conventional cables coupled with safety features to protect the passenger.

    Radio frequency products:

    We supply antennas which cover all communication standards between 380 MHz and 6 GHz. As a solution provider, the company supplies all the necessary radio frequency components.

    Fibre Optic products:

    Optical Fibres feature intrinsic immunity against electromagnetic interference and voltage peaks, a significant advantage for reliable data transmission on railway vehicles.

    HUBER+SUHNER is certified according to ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO/TS16949 and IRIS.

  • ILF Beratende Ingenieure AG

  • Infratech AG


    Mafrex AG S+ certified swiss solutions for tunnels and as well external use for temporary and fixed maintenance field applications includes:

    • Ultra-strong flexible cables with IP67 plug/socket
    • Cable Reels with IP67 plugs, with ultra-strong flexible cables having IP67 socket
    • Latest highly efficiency floodlights and luminaires IP66 based on Super Led
    • with very low power consumption
    • Low voltage distribution electrical panels with plugs/sockets IP67
    • Adhoc study and development solution for new projects and/or innovation
    • technology for standard environment.
    • Ground in advance verification and specific analysis planning of the working field
    • Consultancy, simulation and testing
    • Certification from accredited laboratories
    • Installation, maintenance and after sales services 24h/7
    • IoT devices and advanced security detection systems
  • Parametric GmbH

    Parametric is a full service solution provider for infrastructure and transport digitization. Our platform-based turn-key solutions are delivered, installed, and operated by us as needed. A modern product lifecycle management software, secure remote access to the systems and a standard interface for device configuration and monitoring complete the offer.

    • Wireless / LPWAN Routers and Edge Computers
    • Intelligent information screens (all sizes)
    • LPWAN Passenger and Vehicle Counters and Interface Converter
    • Reception, generation and display of passenger information
    • Video streaming (uplink / downlink)
    • In Vehicle Infrastructure monitoring (e. g. train toilets) using LPWAN
    • Secure Remote Train Access for maintenance
    • Visitor and passenger frequency counting, visitor flow measurement with radar
    • Optimization of air conditioning systems in vehicles through high-precision weather data
    • Requirements and risk management / overall project management
    • Hardware and software engineering / prototype construction
    • Certification
    • Installation and service
  • Phoenix Contact AG

    With six product lines, Phoenix Contact offers an innovative portfolio of industrial electro-technology: Best connections from the sensor to the controller. From the classical modular terminal block to splash-proof machine connectors to the wireless Ethernet, Phoenix Contact provides innovations which do more than our customers expect.

  • Pilz Industrieelektronik GmbH

    Being in the right place at the right time – that is the principle that governs rail operations every day for millions of passengers and the huge quantities of cargo transported by freight train. Finding economical solutions to rail traffic is therefore very important. The extensive rail network must be controlled and monitored safely. And there’sthe safety of the trains themselves to guarantee. As the technology leader for safe automation, Pilz gives you access to economical, internationally certified, tried-and-tested safety solutions with rail-approved technologies. Profit from our experience in machine safety – we’ll get you safely to your destination. Pilz solutions offer:
    • Safety at the station, on the platform and in the marshalling yard
    • Safe and economical design of infrastructure facilities
    • Safety for rail vehicles
    • Upgrading, modernisation and optimisation of rail traffic


    • Development, manufacture and sales of PC-based visualization equipment with and without software, for use in toughest environments. Based on components developed in-house, our displays are used on mobile and stationary platforms in the field of railways. Applications include ETCS diagnostics, controls and data loggers.
  • Pöyry Schweiz AG

    Pöyry is an international consulting and engineering company. We serve clients globally across the energy and industrial sectors and provide local services in our core markets. We deliver management consulting and engineering services, underpinned by strong project implementation capability and expertise. Our focus sectors are power generation, transmission & distribution, forest industry, chemicals & biorefining, mining & metals, transportation and water. Pöyry has an extensive local office network employing about 6,000 experts.

    Pöyry Schweiz AG ist mit über 700 Generalisten und Spezialisten an den Standorten Zürich, Bellinzona, Bern, Chur, Rotkreuz und Vevey vertreten.

    Our core competences are in the following areas: Transport, Environment, Buildings, Underground Civil Structures, Hydropower & Renewable Energy and Thermal Power.

  • Schweizer Electronic AG


    Safety of persons and equipment on operated rail tracks

    • Track Warning Systems
    • Mobile Warning Systems
    • Permanent Warning Systems
    • Level Crossings
    • SIL 3 / SIL 4 customer-specific railway automation systems
    • Superordinate Diagnostic System
    • Radio Remote Control Systems for locomotives
    • Radio Data Transmission Systems

    • Accredited conformity assessment body and inspection body in the field of the railways
    • Notified Body (NoBo) Interoperability (No. 1991) in the field of the railway
    • Designated Body in the field of the railway in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom
    • Accredited Certification Body for Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) and workshops
    • Independent safety assessments and inspections
  • Selectron Systems AG


    • Management systems for track vehicles from single controller modules up to complete solutions including system engineering
  • Siemens Mobility AG

  • Syslogic Datentechnik AG

    Syslogic supplies industrial computers and touch panel PCs for demanding industrial use. These are used in areas such as train and traffic technology as well as machining and automotive engineering. The company has its own development team, construction and two manufacturing sites with in-house SMD assembly. This in-house manufacturing, connected with over 30 years of experience in the railway market, makes Syslogic a reliable partner.

  • Telematix AG



    Technical faults, cancelled trains, delays: when things get hectic at railway stations, keeping calm is essential. And that’s only possible if you’re able to rely on a stable telecommunication system for your operations... A system such as NIS Rail from Trans Data Management AG (Ascom).

    Built-in features and third-party integration:

    • Role and user management
    • GSM-R interoperability
    • Radio integration
    • Built-in call recording
    • Control of third-party systems
    • Video surveillance control
    • Centralized configuration and monitoring tools
    • Stationary passenger information systems


  • Telma AG

    Optical warning system for indication of dangerous voltages and improvement of workplace safety in trains and urban transit systems.

    • LED light-ropes
    • LED warning lights 750VDC
    • LED floor lights
    • Mobile warning pillars
    • LED signal lights

    Consultancy, development and manufacture of electronic controls and components (both software and hardware) for trains and train-builders.

    • New vehicles
    • Retrofit projects
    • Fleet modernisation
  • Thales Rail Signalling Solutions AG

    Thales Rail Signalling Solutions is a global leader in rail control and safety technology, offering complete solutions for main line and urban rail networks. Thales’ solutions and systems include electronic interlockings, train control systems and network management. Thales’ technologies guarantee the safe, reliable and economical transportation of passengers and cargo.

  • Zühlke Engineering AG