• Aareplast AG

    plastics solutions for:
    • switch disconnectors
    • circuit-breakers
    • vacuum disconnectors
    • insulation components
    • relais
    • signalisation
    • plug connector
    • housings in tunnel
    Requirements for railway engineering plastics:
    • surface leakage resistance
    • heat resistance
    • weather resistance
    • flame resistance
    • chemical resistance
  • ABB Schweiz AG

    • On-board converters
    • Traction transformers
    • Low voltage components
    • Traction motors
    • Semiconductors
    • Surge arrestors
    • Turbochargers
    • Railway power systems studies
    • AC traction substations for both 16.7 Hz and 50 Hz applications
    • DC traction substations
    • Static frequency converter stations and power quality systems
    • Composite projects for railway infrastructure
    • Substation automation and SCADA-systems 

    • All types of high-voltage disconnectors, also for contact lines, disconnectors for movable substations
    • Quick coupling connectors for 3 kV and 25 kV, silicon terminations and busline assemblies for high speed train systems
  • Arthur Flury AG


    • Material for overhead contact lines
    • Conical couplings and collar sockets
    • Catenary suspension, Clamps
    • Messenger- and contact wire insulators
    • Section insulators and Phase-Break-Systems, Material for earthing
  • Bächli AG

    We develop and manufacture especially energy-efficient solutions. Special as a system supplier for railway applications, we offer an extensive know-how and engineering potential.
    • Single and three phase AC reactors, DC chokes
    • Filter for electrical systems and static frequency converter
    • Transformers for rolling good and steady-state operation
    • Network isolation transformers in protection class 2 for coupled rail networks
    • Points heating transformers
    • 16.7Hz frequency converter / 22Hz / 50Hz, in both directions
    • Power supply of DC circuits and battery charging
    • Long distance transmission AC and DC for signaling and energy supply along the train tracks
    • Adjustable Multi-voltage power test equipment for a stand-alone operation, DC and AC 50Hz and 16.7Hz generation, suitable stationary operation of 15kV-powered locomotives, Railcars and passenger cars
    • EMC power filter technology for low-frequency harmonics
    • Solenoids and toroids for Umrichterbetriebe
    • Electrical voltage stabilizers for older vehicles
    • UPS technology in AC and DC power range
  • ComatReleco AG

    ComatReleco is a Swiss headquartered global supplier of high-quality Relays and Contactors of any kind. Incorporated in 1970 and close to 100 people group wide.

    With one of the widest product portfolio of Relays and Contactors including customized solutions ComatReleco serves customer within the segments of industrial automation and building installation technology as well as railway and transport (compliant with EN50155 and EN45545). Those are built with latest solid-state technologies, using the traditional electro-mechanical design or a combination of both. Product management and development work hand in hand and have clear processes to ensure fast implementation of customer-specific solutions.

  • Furrer+Frey AG


    Planning, design, material procurement and building of overhead contact lines for light and heavy rail, tramways and trolley bus.

    • Fully tensioned overhead contact lines for speeds up to 260 km/h
    • Semi tensioned and simple overhead contact lines
    • Overhead conductor rail, fit for speeds up to 250 km/h, space saving and for more safety in tunnels, movable for depots, loading terminals, bridges
    • Railway safety control systems for depots
    • Fully insulated overhead contact line system LIRACOS for light rail
    • Installation teams
    • Project planning software ELFF, 3D: allocation design can be established independently of the overhead contact line system adopted
    • Measuring equipment (DCM) to measure the contact wire position and the quality of the current collection
    • Hiring out of installation tools (drilling equipment, rail/road vehicles, working platforms, etc.)
    • Consulting
  • GESTE Engineering SA

    Engineering and consulting in

    • ERTMS, railway signalling and automation
    • Telecom and GSM-R
    • Railway interoperability
    • Safety and risk analysis, RAMS
    • Aerodynamics and ventilation
  • GGB Tristar Suisse SA

    The tribological solution provider for industrial progress, regardless of shapes or material.

  • HaslerRail AG

    HaslerRail leads the market in rolling-stock equipment for the railway industry by delivering high-quality products, including sensors, data recorders, displays, energy meters, and data management solutions.

  • iten metal hoses AG

    Complete solutions from one source for all aspects of fluid technology in stainless steel

    • Production of stainless steel corrugated tubes in sizes DN6 - DN300
    • Production of tube/pipe combinations in sizes DN6 - DN300
    • Production of welded pipe constructions in dimensions Ø6 - Ø168.3 mm
    • Production of bent pipes according to coordinates in dimensions Ø1 - Ø88.9 mm
    • Production of rolled profiles in dimensions up to 120 mm
    • Production of bent pneumatic lines, including assembly with «nut and cutting ring» fittings
    • Production of tools/fixtures using 5-axis CNC milling centres
    • Complete engineering solutions from prototypes to volume production, STEP files, flow velocities, flow calculations etc.

    „Our business is railway networks!“

    • Rail Contact Clamps
    • Grounding fittings and cables
    • Cable fastenings
    • Suspension System for Radiating Cables in Tunnels
    • Rail Attachment Boxes
    • Catenary and Insulation Products
    • Track return current and grounding
    • Electrical insulations
    • Special installations
    • Staff hire
    • Machine park
  • Kummler+Matter AG


    Overhead contact systems for trolleybus, tramway, light- and heavy rail

    Engineering and installation
    • Engineering / planning of overhead contact systems
    • Installation of overhead contact systems
    • erection supervision
    • Design, production and delivery of overhead contact systems components
    • Catenary systems
    • trolleybus and tramway systems
    • insulators
    • clamps
    • current collection systems
    • De-icing system for overhead contact wires
    • Development and production of own overhead contact line material
    • Commissioning and complete assembly of overhead contact line systems
    • Cable systems/ Railway electrification systems
    • Track illuminations
    • Substations: Planning, construction, maintenance
    • Overhead power lines: Planning, construction, maintenance
  • Pöyry Schweiz AG

    Pöyry is an international consulting and engineering company. We serve clients globally across the energy and industrial sectors and provide local services in our core markets. We deliver management consulting and engineering services, underpinned by strong project implementation capability and expertise. Our focus sectors are power generation, transmission & distribution, forest industry, chemicals & biorefining, mining & metals, transportation and water. Pöyry has an extensive local office network employing about 6,000 experts.

    Pöyry Schweiz AG ist mit über 700 Generalisten und Spezialisten an den Standorten Zürich, Bellinzona, Bern, Chur, Rotkreuz und Vevey vertreten.

    Our core competences are in the following areas: Transport, Environment, Buildings, Underground Civil Structures, Hydropower & Renewable Energy and Thermal Power.

  • Rauscher & Stoecklin AG


    • Load break switches
    • Isolators
    • Transformers

    • Accredited conformity assessment body and inspection body in the field of the railways
    • Notified Body (NoBo) Interoperability (No. 1991) in the field of the railway
    • Designated Body in the field of the railway in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom
    • Accredited Certification Body for Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) and workshops
    • Independent safety assessments and inspections
  • Sefag Components AG

    Sefag Components AG develops and produces specialized connecting components for electrical systems that ensure trouble-free, long-lasting power transmission. Since 1957, the Sefag name has stood for quick, tailor-made solutions to any connection problem.

    Whether in tight spaces in mechanical and plant engineering, in motion in automotive engineering or under heavy physical and electrical load in energy distribution – our components and systems come into their own when power has to be transmitted in difficult conditions.

    Our customers appreciate the quality of our products, not to mention our flexibility and reliability. They benefit from comprehensive consultation and support, starting with the joint conception and planning of a connecting element. Thanks to a wide range of possibilities in combining various components into individual assemblies, we can find the right solution to any challenge – even under tight schedules.

    In addition to engineering, our core skills also include the production of these specialized components, particularly welding and joining technology. We process, coat and connect aluminum, copper and other metals. This is where our decades of experience really pay off. Sefag Components AG thus stands for tailor-made, long-lasting connecting components in outstanding Swiss quality.


    When it comes to analysing, planning and implementing cost-efficient individual solutions and packages for rail infrastructure, we are a competent partner to public and private railway companies alike. Our comprehensive services for the rail system enable us to respond rapidly and flexibly to ever-changing requirements in new construction, renewal and maintenance. Our services also include driver training, vehicle maintenance management, logistics and personnel leasing.

    Our wide range of services are the work of our dedicated employees as well as state-of-the-art machine technology that our engineers helped to develop. Services

    • Electrical installations
    • Driver training
    • Complete switch point renewal
    • Track maintenance
    • Maintenance management
    • Innovations
    • Secondment of personnel
    • Rhomberg Sersa Technology
    • Rail welding
    • Track surveying systems
    • Logistics
  • Tibram AG

    Earth brushes for bogies