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Automatic passenger counting for greater efficiency and better service
With real-time data on the exact number of passengers, companies in local and long-distance transport can make better decisions and implement continuous improvements. Sensors from Xovis provide precisely the insights that fleet operators need: for transport planning, to optimize operations, to increase safety and service quality and to bill more efficiently in fare networks. 

Accurate passenger numbers - future-proof and data protection compliant
New requirements, higher passenger expectations and limited budgets call for innovative answers. The Swiss company Xovis develops pioneering solutions in the field of automatic passenger counting (APC) to control passenger flows. 

The 3D sensors from Xovis can be easily integrated into existing systems and can be used in vehicles, but also in stations, stores and ticket sales. They provide a wealth of data that is essential for more efficient, economical, customer-friendly and sustainable public transport operations - accurate, future-proof and fully compliant with data protection regulations. This is because the sensors with an ePrivacy label only provide data in text format for further processing.

Object detection - even strollers!
Xovis sensors achieve an extremely high accuracy of up to 99%, detecting the number of passengers as well as characteristics such as gender and viewing direction, differentiating between adults and children and being able to exclude staff. In addition, they detect objects such as bicycles and wheelchairs and are among the few sensors on the market that reliably detect strollers/prams. They also enable the monitoring of designated areas to determine whether an area is free for objects such as luggage.

Higher efficiency, lower costs
Automatic passenger counting is a highly sustainable investment because it allows better decisions to be made based on accurate data. APCs make it possible to better adapt timetables, equipment and the use of vehicles to actual demand, and to better plan infrastructure and maintenance intervals. This avoids over- and under-provision, increases operational efficiency and helps to optimize costs. At the same time, passengers benefit from greater comfort, convenience, safety and service.


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Xovis AG

PCT1 passenger counting sensor

Highly precise automatic passenger counting (APC) sensor that can discern objects such as bicycles, strollers, and wheelchairs, as well as estimate passenger genders.

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