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Telma AG is an independent company with many years of experience in industrial electronics. Control units for the use in apparatus construction, machine construction, building and railway technology have been at the heart of our product range since the very beginning.

We offer an entire range of services from consulting and concept development, through to industrialisation, production and maintenance. By combining development and production under one roof our customers save valuable time and money.

We also develop and manufacture “in-house” products such as:

  • Leak detectors for the prevention of water damage
  • Optical warning systems to display the operating status of overhead and third-rail lines in railway and transport companies’ workshops
  • Water disinfection using silver ions for industrial and drinking water
In electronics manufacturing services (EMS), we have specialised in meeting Swiss customers’ requirements and in producing medium quantities at competitive costs. Our offer includes procurement of components, SMD and THT assembly as well as the assembly and testing of complete devices.

Telma is committed to Switzerland as a manufacturing location and is expanding its capacity further with the new building in Seftigen. A skilled workforce and modern machinery mean proven products and a guarantee of high manufacturing quality. To ensure our business has sufficient qualified personnel in the future, we attach great importance to the promotion of young talent and the training of electronics technicians.

Telmaweg 2, 3662 Seftigen

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Tag der offenen Türe mit Stabsübergabe Telma AG

Am Freitag 24. Juni 2022 war es soweit, nach 41 Jahren übergab Mario Bolla die Führung des Familienbetriebes an seinen Sohn Adrian Bolla.

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Telma AG

Info Light tevilux®

Multi-coloured signalling.

Telma AG

Control tevilux®

Multi-coloured signalling for tough conditions.

Telma AG

Floor Light tevilux®

Multi-coloured signalling for tough conditions.

Telma AG

Signal Light

The signal light comprises a solid plastic cover and lighting unit. Both evenly backlit display fields can be labelled using a borderless film, providing an impressive, transparent lighting effect.

Telma AG

Warning Light Column

Mobile warning light column for the visual warning and demarcation of danger zones.

Telma AG

Warning Light 750VDC

Warning light with power supply from overhead contact line, to indicate switched-on sections of overhead contact line for direct current rail networks.

Telma AG

Chase Control

For supply and control of two- and four-channel light strings.

Telma AG

Light String

Four-channel light string using LED technology for optical signalling of danger zones. The primary beam direction of the LEDs is in one direction.

  • Swissrail Industry Association
  • Taubenstrasse 32
  • CH-3011 Bern

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