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Richard AG Murgenthal is one of the world's leading manufacturers of components and systems for the power supply of electric rail vehicles. With competence from more than 110 years of development, we manufacture innovative series products in Switzerland, as well as custom-made special solutions in close cooperation with the customer.

The products from current collectors to main switches, disconnectors, integral system solutions as well as customised special solutions are used worldwide by renowned integrators and rail vehicle manufacturers.

Hauptstrasse 115, 4853 Murgenthal

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Richard AG

Current collectors for the railway.

Richard AG produces reliable, high-quality and proven pantographs. Thanks to our individual, adaptable wind deflectors, we achieve the required contact pressure even at very high speeds. This adapt...

Richard AG

Electric main switch

The function of the main switch is to disconnect the current flow between the overhead contact line and the electrical equipment of the locomotive.

Richard AG

Pneumatic main switch

The pneumatic main switch has the function of disconnecting the current flow between the overhead line and the locomotive's electrical equipment.

Richard AG

Roof line isolator

A faulty complete system is immediately separated from the intact system by the roof line isolator.

Richard AG

Customised insulators

Insulators - also called electrical non-conductors - are made of material with a very high resistance, which means that only a very low current flows through the component.

Richard AG

Earthing switch

The earthing switch is used for the safety of drivers and workshop personnel during checks and faults in the traction units. It connects the live lines in front of and behind the main switch to ea...

Richard AG

Other countries, other voltages.

The overhead contact line in Switzerland has a voltage of 15 kilovolts and must switch the system when crossing the network, for example to Italy (3 kV).

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