Milani Design & Consulting AG

Milani is the leading Swiss innovation and product design company in the fields of public transport and tourism. We support companies in both industries in product and service design as well as in the development of complex mobility concepts. Skillfully and consistently customer-centered, Milani design combines the specific needs of companies and their customers with outstanding Swiss design and sustainability.

Milani services in the transportation sector:
• Exterior and interior design: city transportation
• Exterior and interior design: regional transportation
• Exterior and interior design: mountain rail
• Exterior and interior design: long-distance transportation
• City, region and state-level DNA analysis of culture, politics and population
• Refurbishment of vehicle interiors
• Design of special-purpose areas
• Innovation consulting, incl. modal split
• Design for circular economy, ecodesign
• UX/UI design and service design

Seestrasse 95, 8800 Thalwil

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Milani Design & Consulting AG / Thu 30.03.2023

Neumitglied: Milani Design & Consulting AG

Milani ist Neumitglied bei Swissrail. Als führende Schweizer Innovations- und Industriedesign Agentur in den Bereichen öffentlicher Verkehr und Tourismus bewegen wir uns jedoch seit über 15 Jahre...

Milani Design & Consulting AG / Thu 12.01.2023

«So erfindet sich die älteste Zahnradbahn Europas neu»

Gemeinsam mit den Rigi Bahnen und in Kooperation mit Stadler Rail hat Milani das Innen- und Aussendesign der neuen Fahrzeuggeneration entwickelt. Wie das Design der neuen Züge der RIGI BAHNEN AG en...

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Milani Design & Consulting AG

Exterior and interior design: long-distance, regional and city transportation, as well as mountain rail

Milani creates distinctive identities for the exterior and interior design of long-distance, regional and city transportation as well as for mountain rail

Milani Design & Consulting AG

Refurbishment of vehicle interiors

Milani consults transport companies, manufacturers and suppliers in the modernization of vehicle interiors and helps them to significantly extend the service life of rail vehicles

Milani Design & Consulting AG

Product sustainability, Ecodesign and Design for Circular Economy

Milani advises transport companies, manufacturers and suppliers to develop and implement sustainable and future-proof concepts for buses, streetcars and trains

Milani Design & Consulting AG

Innovation consulting: from the design of special-purpose areas to modal split to service design

Milani supports transport companies in unlocking their full sustainability and innovation potential

Milani Design & Consulting AG

Corporate Fashion Design and Workwear

Milani supports companies in the overall conception and design of workwear collections

  • Swissrail Industry Association
  • Taubenstrasse 32
  • CH-3011 Bern

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