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Over 50years we followed our passion in sensor technology. We successfully implemented many ideas and made them ready for production. These measurements systems are either based on fiber optic technology or are based on electromechanical systems.
The measuring systems based on fiber optics are purely optical systems and are therefore immune to electromagnetic interference fields. They are used where electronic-based systems cannot be chosen due to the presence of electromagnetic fields. Our fiber optic acceleration sensors e.g. are mounted on high speed trains to measure vibrations of the pantographs and to control the pneumatic pressure to lift the pantographs. Our fiber optic temperature measurement systems can measure the temperature distribution along a 250m long glass fiber with a resolution of 10cm. These systems are used e.g. to monitor the heat distribution inside big transformers in order to detect local overheating so avoid damage. The optical rotary encoders are used in high-voltage laboratories or to dynamically record the angle in the joint of pantographs while the train is driving.
In the area of electromechanical sensors, Micronor offers gear limit switches, resolvers and motor potentiometers. Large diesel engines are started with their help, drives are switched on or off depending on the position, or cams with a speed of up to 100,000 rpm are controlled. One of the strengths of Micronor is to tailor products optimally to their application.
Thanks to our in-house engineering, we are able to fine tune on the constructive side as well as in the area of ​​software or electronics. We can thus provide our customers with the best possible support in a solution-oriented manner. 

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Micronor AG

Rotary limit switches

Rotary limit switches are electromechanical controls consisting of an input shaft, gear reducer, signal transmitter and limit or safety switches.

Micronor AG

Fiber Optic Absolute Encoder

100% Passive Fiber Optic Absolute Position Sensor System to control position in presence of strong electromagnetic fields.

Micronor AG

Multi-Axis Fiber Optic Accelerometer System

Accelerometer for vibration and acceleration measurements

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