Kistler Instrumente AG

Rail-specific measurement technology has a long tradition at Kistler. Our products for the railway sector include components and systems for dynamic and static brake testing, dynamic wheel load measurement (weigh-in-motion), condition monitoring and vehicle testing in general (speed, crash, etc.). Kistler is the founder of piezoelectric measurement technology and a leader in the dynamic measurement of pressure, force, torque and acceleration. Cutting-edge technologies form the basis of Kistler's modular systems and services.

Eulachstrasse 22, 8408 Winterthur

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Kistler Instrumente AG

Rail WIM System 9192B

Automated train and infrastructure monitoring for improvment of safety, preventive maintenance and compliance

Kistler Instrumente AG

Correvit S-Motion DTI Type 2053 / 2055

Dynamic brake testing and speed verification

Kistler Instrumente AG

Brake Force Measuring System 2899A

The comprehensive solution for reliable measurement and logging of the braking function of your rail vehicles to optimize maintenance.

  • Swissrail Industry Association
  • Taubenstrasse 32
  • CH-3011 Bern

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