European Loc Pool AG

ELP's range of services includes full-service leasing of modern locomotives. The ELP full service leasing includes a comprehensive maintenance and insurance offer. ELP focuses on six-axle hybrid locomotives with up to 2.8MW diesel, 9MW electric and 500kN tractive effort. They enable operation on electrified and non-electrified lines. An ELP Co'Co' locomotive replaces the double traction of Bo'Bo' locomotives, offering significant logistical and economic advantages.

Schulstrasse 4, 8500 Frauenfeld

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European Loc Pool AG

Full-Service Leasing - EuroDual Locomotives

The new six-axle hybrid locomotive EuroDual is more than just a locomotive for the "last mile" and offers two solutions in one. It can be used on electrified and non-electrified lines. During the j...

European Loc Pool AG

Full-Service Leasing - EURO9000 Locomotives

The EURO9000 is the new dual multi-system locomotive for use throughout Europe. The locomotive allows up to 500kN tractive effort with a power of 1.9MW in diesel mode and up to 9MW in catenary mode.

  • Swissrail Industry Association
  • Taubenstrasse 32
  • CH-3011 Bern

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